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Through Partnership


We're Holisitic

We seek out entrepreneurs and
businesses that share our passion for
disruption. And look to join forces.


We're Specialists

React native. Express js. Hapi js.
The more 'niche' the better. We
relish technological challenges.

Cost Effective

We're Cost Effective

Our efficiency lies in being agile.
Prototypes. MVP's. Iterations. Sprints.
We build small, fast and only if necessary.

We Do Everything

Web Dev

Thousands of web apps for Fortune 500 brands. We build service oriented architectures that utilize micro services for scalability. We also love full stack.

Big Data

We maintain Big Data sources and prepare data orchestration across solutions such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Couchbase, Hadoop, and MongoDB. Our data analysis and predictive models boost our clients business performance.

Internet of Things

Unlike most companies, we specialise in IoT hardware and not just software. Rasberry Pie. Parasail. Go. We invest in all IoT technologies.


Built products for Fortune 500 clients that handle hundreds of thousands of users, over 100 requests per second, and deployments, with near zero down time.

Mobile Apps

500+ Mobile Apps. 4 Years. Acclaim on TechCrunch , Mashable and Kickstarter. This is our bread and butter.

Virtual Reality

We build compelling games, apps and social experiences in VR. Oculus. Vive. Gear. Cardboard. We know them all.

QA / Testing

Multi-Geographical QA. Experience building test beds and test suites for products with hundreds of thousand users. We find your bugs before anyone else.

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DRINKMATE | Backed by 4774 backers on Kickstarter | An LoT breathalyser that tells you your Blood Alcohal Content level | Featured on: TechCrunch and Mashable
UBERCONFERENCE By Dialpad | Past winner of Tech Crunch Disrupt Raises $20 Million in Series B. | A hassle free conference calling solution that makes work life easier. | Backed by: Google ventures and Andreessen Horowitz
FRET ZEPPELIN | $5 Million seed valuation in 9 months. | A simplified way of learning the guitar with the use of LED Lights and smart technology | Featured on: The Verge, Wired and Product Hunt

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