5 Reasons Why React Native is a Go-to Tech for Mobile App Development

5 Reasons Why React Native is a Go-to Tech for Mobile App Development

Mobile phones- let’s rate them one of the most loved and awesomeness-oozing innovations of the past century.

From a small piece of technology that was used to simplify communication to today’s feature-stuffed Smartphones, the evolving journey of this gadget is simply phenomenal. Be it the size of the device or specs and performance, everything has just improved to amaze and engage us better.

Similar to the devices we use, today’s mobile app development industry is also witnessing a continuous evolution. There are several powerful technologies which are being picked to create intuitive mobile apps that perform exceptionally well and aid to nurture quality leads. Facebook’s React Native is among the most successful frameworks which empower developers to create cross-platform apps boasting stellar User Interface (UI) and rewarding User Experience (UX).

Considering the currents trends, React Native is one of the most sought-after JS frameworks among the developer community. Some even say that this framework is taking over the entire front-end development landscape, and one can’t question this statement much.

With JavaScript at its core, React Native scoops room to build apps that are supportable for both Android and iOS platforms. A React Native cross-platform app creates truly native experiences and cuts time-to-market, thus surfacing shorter development cycles and cost-efficiency. Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, and Airbnb are some valuable corporates leveraging this popular technology to shape the finest applications imaginable.

React Native Seems to be Everybody’s Favorite. Why?

If you are still wondering why is React Native the hottest technology of this age, here you have it. We have put together top 5 remarkable reasons that differentiate this JS framework from other competing technologies-

  1. Maximum Room for Code Reusability

When you go for React Native development, you can use a single code for deployment on both Android and iOS. As per the recent calculations, around 95% can be reused for both platforms-

  • The front-end code is shareable between Android & iOS
  • Business logic can also be shared with web applications

Simply put, with React Native development it is possible to reuse a lot of duplicate code and save time, achieve better productivity, and minimize the development cost involved.

  1. Delivers Sleek and Smart UI

React Native cross-platform apps are a lot about UI gratification. When compared to other JS frameworks like MeteorJS and AngularJS, React Native is more UI-centered- thanks to the asynchronous JS interactions with the native environment. The User Interface build with React Native feels more seamless, fluid, and responsive- everything which a business needs to engage their audience in the first place. All in all, it empowers to create a smoother online experience.

  1. Augmentation of an Existing App

A legacy app can be upgraded with utmost ease by incorporating native UI components into the existing code. React Native UI components can be applied to modernise a current application- no code rewriting involved! This comes up as an ideal solution for businesses who aim to magnify their app’s utility without overhauling it. One can simply include React Native components in their application’s code to preserve the utility of their existing module alongside augmenting its performance.

  1. It’s Community-Driven

A very few people are aware of the fact that React Native framework initially started as Facebook’s hackathon project, in the summer of 2013. It was made Public in March of 2015, and since then, it is being supported by an active community of JS and native developers. Today, React Native is flourishing in an ever-growing community-driven ecosystem- one can find huge catalogs of ready-to-use components and add new tools to open source to support the development of something simply out of the box. If you ever get stuck and can’t find a way out, you have access to a knowledgeable community as your go-to!

  1. Highly Efficient

React Native brings the portability & efficiency of web development to the smartphone. It uses Facebook’s ReactJS as the JavaScript library, thus encapsulates the benefits like superlative performance, simplified programming methods, and Virtual DOM abstraction to surge the app’s efficiency to the maximum.

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December 8, 2018


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