8 Factors To Consider While Outsourcing Your Custom Software Solution Development Needs

8 Factors To Consider While Outsourcing Your Custom Software Solution Development Needs

The IT industry is evolving rapidly and changing every day. This has led to revolutionised business models and competitiveness in organisations. Outsourcing your custom software solution development requirements can be a really good move for organisations, they get maximum productivity in a cost-effective manner as this allows everyone to focus on their own core competencies while becoming more productive and increasingly more efficient.

Hiring and managing such a skilled team can be costly on the other hand, leveraging custom software development companies can prove to be much more beneficial. Well, if you still have doubts about outsourcing your custom software solution development requirements, here are a few main reasons why you should not:

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How to choose the Right Custom Software Development Company for Your Outsourcing Needs?

We know the advantages of outsourcing custom software solution requirements, but there are so many custom software development companies out there. How do you choose the right fit for your custom software solution needs? How do you understand whether these custom software development companies will deliver a quality product within the outlined timeline or not? To answer all these questions, we have outlined the top 8 factors that you should consider while outsourcing your custom software solution development requirements:

1. Find a Team You Trust!

Whenever you work with someone, it all comes down to reliability, dependability, and sustainability of the team to build a custom software solution for your needs. There are many custom software development companies out there. Check to see what hands-on experience and expertise they have, their global footprint, market credibility, global certifications, geographical presence, how old the company is, size of the company, etc. Basically try and find out anything and everything about the company.

2. Look at Client References and Recommendations

Looking at the company’s client list will help you understand the type of projects they have done in the past and the type of custom software solutions they have built. This will help you establish the credibility and expertise of this custom software development company. Many platforms like Clutch, AppFutura, GoodFirms offer extensive and unbiased feedbacks, testimonials and reviews. If possible, meet or have a call with one of the previous or current clients to get a better perspective about the company’s ability to help you with your digital needs.

3. Assess Their Portfolio and Offerings

One of the major places to look at is the company’s portfolio to gauge their overall technical expertise and experience. The portfolio of this custom software development company will help you understand the challenges they faced in different projects and the solutions they offered. Based on this, you can decide if they will be able to add value to your organisation’s tech needs. You can also ask them for customer success stories, case studies, white papers, etc to look at their exposures across various industries and the services they offered to each of their clients.

4. Go Through Their Project Delivery Process

Talk to your Point of Contact in the company and ask them to tell you the step-by-step project delivery process that they follow to build custom software solutions. Which model they use.  What add-ons they have done to this model based on their past experience. Most importantly ask – How this model will ensure quality deliverables, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery. These answers will help you make a better decision. The right company will give suggestions and advise you on which strategy works best for you.

5. Are they a Specialised Technology Provider

When you approach the custom software development company, are they able to offer you custom software solutions that solve your problem? Do they have expertise in handling the various tools and technologies, the programming language, and the latest tech trends that will ensure an effective solution to deal with your problem? If the answer to this is yes, you may have come across the right company for you.

6. Is the Company Recognised Industry-Wide?

There are many industry recognitions, certifications, and rewards that you can ask the prospective company for. There are many compliance certifications in software development processes, like ISO, GDPR, HIPAA, etc. Quality certifications with respect to project management, information handling, process management, & data security management. There also many international rankings and rewards like Clutch listing, Inc 5000 listing, Deloitte Top 50, etc. If your prospective company has high visibility in terms of these certifications and listings, you can go on to the next step.


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7. The Company’s Geographical Presence

Make sure to know the physical location of the company. Where their development team and management team is based out of in case you may want to visit them. 

8. Meet the Team

Ultimately, make sure to meet the team who will be working with you on your project to build the custom software solution. Check their credentials, experiences, and certifications. They will determine the success of your project, so vet them. Understand the cultural fit and mix to ensure effective communication.


To ensure a successful partnership with a top custom software development company, organisations need to do thorough research about services, client portfolio, reviews, recommendations, certifications, and accolades before choosing their tech partners. Based on these criteria, we hope you can find the right tech partner to outsource your software development requirements and build innovative digital solutions.

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April 13, 2020

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