Biometric Identity Management- Granting the Right Access to the Right People

Biometric Identity Management- Granting the Right Access to the Right People

In this digital epoch, there’s a constant pressure on people to ensure that their established identities are secured in the web world and beyond.

We all use proof of identity documents frequently- from applying for a loan to opening a bank account, we submit a lot of sensitive data to verify/authenticate our identity and streamline the process. Howbeit, sharing multiple IDs, for whatever reason comes with several privacy concerns. A data breach can lead to identity theft, sanctioning someone else to use (or misuse!) the user rights and/or privileges only you should have access to. Human errors, less consideration of risk management, malicious insider attacks, and many more issues are on a rapid rise, making us rethink our approach to identity management.

According to statistics found at Breach Level Index, identity theft is #1 type of data breach. Several industries are becoming a favorite prey of this chaos-driving crime, and healthcare is no different. Medical identity theft is mushrooming big-time in which people steal and use somebody’s personal details to obtain medical treatment, drugs, or individualised benefits of health schemes and policies. Thankfully, the newest biometric authentication and identification technology has come to rescue- it checks fraudulent activities, boosts the degree of service satisfaction, and enable error-free information management in the healthcare arena. The process compares data of the unique physiological and behavioural patterns of the human body like facial recognition, retina, fingerprints, vein pattern, recognition of the hand geometry, gait, signature dynamics etc. – factors that are highly individual and can’t be exchanged, forgotten or stolen.

Systango for Biometric Identity Management

Securing assets & data and creating an ecosystem of trust is the top-most priority of modern day businesses. To ensure that only authorised people are utilising the resources, that too for the right purpose and on the right time demands using a next-gen technology like biometric identification management. Systems based on biometrics identity management are nearly impossible to forge, thus establish accountability and skyrocket security.

We at Systango aim to make individual identification convenient- our team is actively working to architect unified identity management platforms that cover multitudinous features to spike up security and control/monitor access which is imperative to safeguard critical information. It also helps you achieve your organisational goals with ease and reduce sky-high operational costs.

As a leading biometric identity company, we build top-notch solutions to help enterprises/startups as well as government institutes, healthcare industry, banks etc. lower the risk of breaches and monitor specific actions/events to cover access management. Our expertise includes-

  • Identity and access management strategy development
  • Biometric identity management system design and deployment
  • Managed identity services
  • Automated identity governance
  • Privileged access management

As aforesaid, to enable trusted communities by providing irrefutable evidence of identity, Systango is actively working to build and launch world-class biometric security applications that allow for user registration and verification using biometrics. One such powerful and well-accredited identity management platform built by Systango is SmilePass.

SmilePass- An Ambitious SaaS-based Biometric Identity Management System by Systango

SmilePass is a feature-brimming cloud-based biometric security solution that allows for user registration and verification using facial recognition. This intuitive platform is geared to resolve all identity and authentication related quandaries and nurture an ecosystem of customer trust & satisfaction.

SmilePass uses the best-in-breed biometrics to ensure only the right set of people have access privileges, thus simplifying the complex domain of digital identity management. “For SmilePass, we wanted to create an ingenious, out of the box product that can ditch physical spoofing and man-in-the-middle attack. We were keen to materialize a transformational tool that would override existing biometric security issues. However, detecting single user face with the proper angle and making sure that the user is actually present and it’s not an image was an uncharted challenge for our team. We are so glad that we stepped into the unknown and made this product happen.”- Says Vinita Rathi, Global Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder, Systango.  

As a matter of fact, SmilePass uses a multi-modal approach to trace the physiological & behavioral biometric modalities of a person and identifies each human as unique. This potentially eliminates mishaps concerned with social engineering, cyber-attacks, and frauds alongside fostering a bond of trust between the parties involved. It is useful in various cases like insurance, events registration and user document verification, attendance management etc. Some salient functionalities of the product include-

  • Software as a service product- reliable & scalable
  • User registration and verification using facial recognition
  • User liveness detection while capturing a selfie
  • Automated facial recognition on mobile and selfie capture
  • Document verification using optical recognition
  • Support for registration in multiple companies

Owing to the behemoth capacity to beat the pitfalls existing in the traditional identity management systems, the government of Kwara State in Nigeria has chosen SmilePass to supplement its Universal Health Insurance Program and deliver primary medical care to 3 million beneficiaries. Here’s a typical use case of implementation (presuming patient’s biographical information & facial recognition “selfies” are already registered and in place)-

Biometric identity management system SmilePass- Use Case

At present, SmilePass is rightly serving as a premium digital asset in a broad spectrum of industries; primary clientele being major healthcare providers, telecom operators, and event management companies. Being a future-savvy, all-encompassing identity management solution, SmilePass is getting multiple accreditations, aptly declaring its mammoth potential and practical utility-

  • Recognised as a Global Innovator in Biometrics as a Service (Markets and Markets, 2017)
  • Nominated and Shortlisted for Mobile and Security Innovation of the Year (National Technology Awards, 2018)
  • Finalists for Business Innovation and Business of the Year (Best New Business Awards, 2018)

SmilePass is one of the many state-of-the-art products coming from Systango. Our IT agency, as well as our venture lab Studio Fintech, is committed to crafting innovation-laden products and services that create a positive impact. We’ve developed, deployed, and supported hundreds of solutions for a diverse array of remote clients. To discuss your next project, connect with us here.

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December 26, 2018

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