Fantasy Sports App Development: From Ideation to Launching

Fantasy Sports App Development: From Ideation to Launching

Fantasy Sports App Development has become a prominent industry for over a decade now and owes to the increasing demand for mobile applications. 

These apps enable users to create and manage their virtual teams, compete with others, and win prizes based on the real-world performance of their chosen players. 

In data given by ReportLinker, Fantasy Sports Market grew from $25.44 billion in 2022 to $28.96 billion in 2023. This equals a compound annual growth rate of 13.9%. 

Further, the Fantasy Sports Market is expected to grow by $40.88 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 9.0%. 

Did you know that the youth population is majorly contributing to the growth of the Fantasy Sports Market? 

The increasing use of smartphones and social media, and participation in fantasy sports like NFL, NBA and IPL, allow the present youth to connect and compete with their peers. 

The growing youth population is driving the expansion of the fantasy sports market. 

As stated in World Youth Report (2020), young people aged 15 to 24 are projected to reach 1.3 billion by 2030, representing a 7% increase from current levels. This indicates a relevant increase in the use of Fantasy Sports Applications. 

Therefore we will look at the nitty-gritty of Fantasy Sports App Development in this blog. It will cover the following segments:

What Are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports, also known as Rotisserie Sports/Roto, allow fans to play virtual games or seasons of sports by acting as both general and field managers. They create rosters through drafts and trades and set lineups to achieve the best statistical production. 

If you are a fantasy sports manager, you would feel no less than a stock market day trader. You can envision each player as a stock. Your primary goal should be to trade these players and fetch the highest accumulated value by the season’s end. 

Now what is the source of value in fantasy sports? Value in Fantasy Sports roots out from statistics. You will find a multitude of stats in every sport. These statistics are used as metrics to establish an individual player’s performance. 

For instance, if you look at the baseball box score, batting average, strikeouts, and earned run average (ERA), you will understand each player’s effort behind the game’s output. 

The most popular fantasy sports in the US are fantasy baseball and fantasy football. 

Considering the popularity of Roto, app development can be monetarily lucrative. Connect with us today for your customised fantasy sports app development. 

Why Do You Need Fantasy Sports App Development?

Key reasons why you should invest in fantasy sports app development: 

  1. Growth trajectory due to tech advancements & increased fantasy sports users.
  2. High user engagement rates, as players research & create teams, track performance & compete with others on fantasy sports apps.
  3. Diverse monetisation models, including entry fees, in-app purchases, sponsorships and advertising. 
  4. Cross-promotion of other sports products or services like live game events and online streaming to boost revenue.
  5. Global appeal to attract users worldwide for fantasy sports and increase revenue from multiple markets. 

Monetisation via mobile app development is a crucial aspect of why you should invest in fantasy sports app development. Fantasy sports app makes money in the following ways:

  1. Subscription fee
  2. Premium features
  3. Participation fee
  4. Paid contests
  5. In-app ads
  6. Partnering with the third-party portals

As a mobile app development company, we will help your app get appropriate market exposure for better monetisation opportunities.  

Must-Have Features Of A Fantasy Sports App

In a competitive market, it is crucial to differentiate your app from others. How would you go about making your app stand out from the rest?

You must incorporate user-oriented features to personalise your fantasy sports app and implement an effective product marketing strategy. 

Must-have features of a fantasy sports app are:

Must-Have Features OF A Fantasy Sports App

From The User’s Perspective

  • Real-time analytics like live tracking & activity analysis for increased user engagement
  • Customisation like tailored push notifications, app feed & game levels
  • Live video streaming for better monetisation
  • Gamification for effective user engagement 

From The Admin’s Perspective

  • GPS position tracking for push notifications about nearby ongoing tournaments 
  • Integrating CRM for enhanced customer experience
  • Admin dashboards to check, manage and announce all sports activities
  • Tailored mail reminder attribute for admins to update players with match schedules

Other Additional Features

  • Social login
  • Leaderboard
  • Players statistics 
  • Multiplayer lobby
  • Manual & integrated data feeds
  • Ad space for affiliate marketing 
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Different payment gateways
  • Cryptocurrency trading integration

Connect with us for better insights on app development and leverage our customisation services to integrate your choice of features on the application. 

Tech Stack For Fantasy Sports App Development

Choosing the right technologies during app development is critical to ensure optimal performance. Although various factors influence the selection of tech tools, consider the following fantasy sports app tech stack:

Tech Stack For Fantasy Sports App Development
  • Frameworks
    AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Vue.JS
  • Native mobile app development
    Kotlin (Android), Swift (iOS)
  • Cross-platform app development
    Flutter, React.js + React Native
  • Database management
    MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra
  • Payments integration
    PayPal, Braintree, Stripe
  • Push notifications
    Twilio and Apple push notifications
  • Front-end Development
    CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • Back-end Development
    Java, PHP, Ruby
  • Web servers
    Apache, Linux
  • Cloud servers
    Amazon Web Service, Azure, Google Cloud

Steps To Ideate, Build & Launch A Fantasy Sports App

The following process of fantasy sports app development can make your mobile apps realistic and intuitive: 

1. Research And define Your Fantasy Sports App Audience

Understand and chalk out your target fantasy sports audience based on the current market and sports trends. 

2. Select A Reliable Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Developing an intuitive fantasy sports app requires a skilled team of mobile & sports app developers.

Hire a team of fantasy sports app developers with experience in mobile app development, UX design and backend development. 

3. Set The Functionality And Attributes Of Your App

Set the features and functionality of your fantasy sports app based on your research and user feedback.

These comprise player selection, game management, payment processing, and live scoring. 

4. Design And App Development

Initialise the design and architecture of your fantasy sports app.  

Our mobile app development team can build an intuitive user interface, a seamless app portal and an app design that helps an app gain player traction. 

5. Test And Launch Your Fantasy Sports App

Run user tests and fix all the relevant code bugs. Then launch your fantasy sports app on the web. 

6. App Marketing And Promotion

Once you are done with your fantasy sports app development and launch, promote & market it to the right audience. 

As a fantasy sports development company, we offer email marketing and advertising to promote your sports app for better user engagement. 

Cost Of Fantasy Sports App Development

When considering fantasy sports app development, the cost of building it is often the first concern.

However, determining the exact cost can be challenging as it varies based on several factors, like the number and complexity of features, the tech stack utilised, and the platform selected (e.g., Android or iOS). 

For now, connect with our mobile app development experts and get a customised quote for your application development.

Build Top-Notch Fantasy Sports Apps With Systango

As a custom fantasy sports app development company, we will help you make your mark in the industry of fantasy games.

Whether you need a game-specific application or a sports platform with different game leagues, we will assist you in creating an innovative fantasy sports app with an engaging UX interface.

We specialise in developing apps for various sports such as football, baseball, golf, tennis, hockey, and fantasy cricket.

Connect with us for a custom mobile app development cost quotation & bring your fantasy sports app imagination to life.

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April 19, 2023

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