Internet/Digital – Marketing & SEO- A Glance

Last Updated on: April 27, 2023

Internet/Digital – Marketing & SEO- A Glance

Many times digital marketing is mistook as something similar to traditional marketing. However the two are quite different from each other. Even if you are a marketing professional with a long term experience in this field, the internet marketing may be a new field . So if you want your internet based business to bloom, than this is a right decision to work on internet marketing strategies.

It’s refreshingly a new approach to marketing, which allows marketers to use both the words internet and marketing.It offers a good understanding of consumer behavior and allows a business to approach appropriate demographics.

Promotion and marketing are key skills for any online marketing business.

Nowadays it’s like engine to drive a business by increasing better online presence through WWW (World Wide Web). And in digital marketing, here SEO starts it’s role.

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques,plays a vital role in internet-marketing of any of business. SEO works according to search engine algorithems; it helps any online business to approach its targeted audience.

How Google Search does really works: 

Google provides what is inarguably the most popular and effective search, many of us take it for granted that Google Search just works and the results are valid without bothering to wonder what’s going on behind the curtain or how things are arranged.

Google search process starts-up with:


Special software known as “Googlebot” which runs on large number of computer to crawl the web. Googlebot starts from its last crawl status and busily looks for new sites, changes to current sites and invalid links.

Organizing the date: 

Google web crawler report on the pages they have visited, and that generous 95 petabyte index is updated. Now one can imagine that website which they watch on first page, comes out after refining a large number of available sites. What Google Cralwlers counts, Google search doesn’t just dive into this index and search around for what a person is looking for:

Factors which SE counts: 

-Type of content (how relevant the data on the site is to the search terms).

-Quality of content (spell check is used to separate professional sites).

-Freshness of content (sites from 1996 are less likely to be returned before sites from -2013).

-The user’s region (no sense returning WebPages in another language).

-Legitimacy of the site (whether the page is deemed likely to be spam-related).

-Name and address of the website.

-Search word synonyms.

-Social media promotions.

-How many links point to a particular web page.

-The value of those links.

-On-Page Factors.

-Page rank of that particular website.

-search engine algorithms and updated followed.

These are some factors in gist which are emphasizing a business to be more conscious and to develop online-presence.And also giving a rise to marketing agencies. And here, I am finishing-up with my post and will come soon, to update more on digital marketing.


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