Next Wave Of Mobile Apps Will Be Powered By Machine Learning

Next Wave Of Mobile Apps Will Be Powered By Machine Learning

“A breakthrough in machine learning can be worth ten Microsofts” Says Bill Gates

In an attempt to make our devices more efficient, personalised & fast, companies across the globe are constantly trying to bring in the power of human intelligence & the ability to read the human mind into there apps.
Just Imagine, if your mobile app could understand what you want to listen to or what you want to watch on Netflix, won’t that be wonderful?

Guess what, this is possible by inculcating machine learning into your mobile applications.

Concept of machine learning

So basically it is an application of Artificial Intelligence that provides systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve user’s experience without being explicitly programmed. 

The discovery of this incredible technology was started in 1957 by  Frank Rosenblatt. Later this journey of machine learning with mobile apps become so famous that it has been used to create powerful apps like –


Snapchat’s filters are a perfect combination of augmented reality and machine learning in mobile apps algorithms.

Since recognizing a face is easy for humans but difficult for computers and hence Snapchat used Facial tracking algorithm to find your face in your snaps and add things like glasses, hats, doggy ears, etc.

Snapchat as an example of machine learning for mobile apps by Systango


Millions of people interact with Pinterest daily for browsing, searching and discovering ideas according to their tastes. To make it all possible,  Pinterest engineers are leveraging artificial intelligence to filter and rank 300 billion Pins daily.

Let’s see How Machine Learning is Managing Big Data of Pinterest-

  • Identifying Visual Similarities: Pinterest is using this technology to help users to find content that looks like pictures they’ve already pinned.
  • Analysing User Involvement: To observes every individual’s tastes, habits, and displays personalised recommendations.
  • Prioritising local Taste:  By using Machine learning Pinterest recommendation engine has learned to suggest popular content from users’ local region in their native language.



A dating app that finds your soulmate. Tinder uses a feature called ‘Smart Photos’ which increases a user’s chances of finding a match. Wait Wait.. but how? 

With the help of machine learning, this feature shows a random order of your profile photos to people and analyzes how often they’re swiping it right or left. 

This record allows Tinder to place your photos according to the rank and put the most popular picture in the first place.

Now let’s have a glance on the ways through which machine learning in mobile apps is increasing productivity.

Tinder as an example of machine learning for mobile apps by systango


 Advanced search functionality

The machine learning algorithms focus on customer queries and prioritise the suggestions according to user’s interest.

Moreover, this Cognitive technology also helps to group FAQs, DIY videos, articles, documents and scripts into a knowledge graph to provide smarter services and quicker responses.

Machine learning solutions can help in intuitive searches, better recommendations & so on and so forth. 

Understand user’s behaviour

Machine learning helps marketers predict and understand user’s behaviour patterns and preferences by analyzing different kinds of data like- demographics, traffic analytics, interests, ideologies, preferences based on there search history.
This data can help you do focussed marketing, thereby increasing the marketing ROIs by many folds.


A Chatbot is a messaging app powered by intuitive AI and ML-based algorithms. It enables automated conversation with the users and helps to understand customer’s needs easily. Chatbots enhance the user experience and assist users to a great extent by answering their queries instantly.

According to the Gartner, by 2021 at least 25% of digital employees all over the world will use virtual assistants and bots communication.

 Improved security

Machine Learning makes mobile apps secure by recognising customer’s Video, audio, and voice and makes it authenticate using their biometric data such as face or fingerprint. Machine-Learning algorithms can also detect and ban suspicious activities.

So far we have seen that Machine learning in mobile apps is refining the way everyone interacts on digital platforms. 

Machine learning is making devices and applications smarter than humans and reshaping the business world. Automation is the next big thing that the tech world is venturing into. It holds the power to generate millions of ROIs in the next few years if cracked their application correctly.

“Machine Learning can prove to be the Greatest Innovation of Mankind and Can Pave Way to Read the Human Mind”

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Mayank Khare

August 20, 2019


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