IoT Is All Set To Rule The World; Is Your Business IoT-Ready?

Last Updated on: July 6, 2020

IoT Is All Set To Rule The World; Is Your Business IoT-Ready?

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again.
The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!” 
– Brendan O’Brien

In 2018, Statista has recorded that the IoT market has gone up to 7 billion IoT devices worldwide and this figure is estimated to increase fivefold in the next 10 years.
In another big research, IDC reported that global spending on software and hardware around the Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to grow by $1 Trillion in 2022.
Internet of Things
 is revolutionising our lives by connecting the physical objects to a network. From medical to manufacturing, from transport to travel, from supply chain to shipment, from IT to IP,  IoT is everywhere. If you can find the apt IoT app idea to transform the tech business, there is nothing that will stop your business from attention from angel investors and go big really fast. 

IoT – Connecting Virtual World to Real World 

Internet of Things Apps continues to evolve and make its way across many businesses by enabling devices to communicate effectively with minimum human effort. Various industries like IT, automobile, health care, smart homes, cities, and wearables are adopting the IoT ecosystem to connect the device network with the internet through a unique IP address. Early-adopters will benefit from its implementation the most, being the first one to invest in this disruptive way of living, communicating or networking, you stand a chance to earn millions out of it. Internet of Things App Ideas has already proven its positive impact in various enterprises. Let’s have a look at some successful IoT gadgets-

Google Home Voice Controller

It is a smart IoT device that allows the user to enjoy features like media, alarms, lights, thermostats, control the volume and much more functions just by their voice.

IoT used in Google Home- Internet of Things App Ideas by Systango

 Features –

  • Let’s the user control TV and speakers.
  • It is capable of managing timers and alarms.
  • It can remotely handle the home lights and volume as well.



Audi vehicles get their own IoT identity.  All Audi cars will be equipped with an embedded SIM card that connects it to mobile radio networks. The vehicle thus gets its own identity on the Internet of Things.

Audi in IoT Business - IoT App Ideas for your business by Systango

Features –

  • Through the built-in 3G/4G mobile radio module, the card enables the vehicle to access data services at download speeds up to 100 Mbps. 
  • Services include navigation via Google Earth and Google Street View as well as information regarding routing, road, and traffic situation, and parking.
  • The embedded SIM card includes unlimited data volume with regard to these data services. 


Amazon Go

A major goal is to reduce waiting times at the cashier’s counter. There are no requirements of human cashiers, now only cameras and automation technologies are capable to process transactions.

 A checkout system tallies the items you have picked, then it calculates the amount and automatically deduces that cost from the customers’ mobile payment app.

Amazon Go for IoT - IoT App Ideas for your business by Systango

Customers can simply scan their smartphones at the electronic gates and easily shop the items they would like to and walk back. We can say that the Internet of Things App Ideas has changed the ecosystem of all the industries and magically empowered us to access the applications to boost our everyday life.

Kuri Mobile Robot 

Kuri is the first home robot and most popular too. It is specifically designed for entertainment. Kuri interacts with the users and captures moments all around the house daily.

IoT used in Kuri Robot - IoT App Ideas for your business by Systango

 Features –

  • Kuri has capacitive touch sensors and HD cameras.
  • It is integrated with gestural mechanics and microphones.
  • It has heart light and speakers.
  • It includes integrated mapping sensors and drives systems.

IoT app for Cancer Treatment/Health Tracker

A tracking app with Bluetooth-enabled weight scale and blood pressure measuring device, together with a symptom analysing system, to send updates to patients’ physicians on symptoms and responses to treatment every weekday.

Internet of Things App Ideas in healthcare is giving potential benefits to improve patient’s contact with physicians and monitoring of patients’ medical conditions, in a way that causes minimal interference with their daily lives. IoT ecosystem is spreading in a manner that the internet of things will soon become the internet of life!

Some IoT App Ideas for your business

Recent Forbes Insights research estimated that 12.86 billion IoT sensors and devices will be in use in the consumer segment by 2020, growing at a 34.89% CAGR per year from 2017. 

The Internet of Things App Ideas has been a major factor in shaping products in the digital landscape. Let’s have a glance at some use cases –

IoT for Marketing

IoT Smart devices can be instrumental to track and record consumer data, which can be helpful for businesses to target effectively. The process of gathering and exchanging information through an IoT-based app can completely change the way data is handled. 

Internet of Things App Ideas and Machine learning together can offer better user experience and help businesses interpret data effectively. These devices do not just offer access to consumer data, but through Machine Learning they can also predict and forecast usage patterns as to how a consumer interacts at different touch-points. This way data can be put to use effectively.

IoT for Inventory Management

The ability to connect multiple devices to the same network which will allow the employees to work collectively and to complete the tasks even from remote locations by simply connecting devices together in an office or factory.  

Through smart IoT devices, businesses that depend on manufacturing, storage and warehousing will be able to monitor changes in their inventory automatically on one dashboard. This effective tracking system can be helpful in saving time and increasing the productivity of workers.

Any individual inventory item that is to be tracked to receives a radio frequency identification RFID tag. Each tag has a unique identification number (ID) that contains encoded digital data.  Based on this data the location of the item with the corresponding ID visualises the findings and displays real-time updates about inventory items’ movements to the users.

IoT for Social Networking

Social internet of things (SIoT) is leveraging businesses that rely on deep insights into consumer behaviour to deliver the desired services by tracking the user’s behaviour in real-time and increasing awareness on relevant subjects.

The gadgets from  Internet of Things App Ideas have exceptionally affected the way we relate and connect with others. Some big social media companies are investing highly in IoT like, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that they are manufacturing IoT- based processors to be used in home/consumer devices and data centre applications.

 IoT for daily-life products

Imagine your washing machine cleaning your clothes all of its own, your Air conditioner adjusting the motor speed depending on the environment, Lights and fans in the living room will be able to switch off and on by sensing the presence of human beings, your Shopping has become intelligent by detecting the things you need to buy with the help of sensors. This all is possible only if we implement IoT in our product. We can surely say that IoT has brought significant change in people’s lifestyles by making the entire system smarter, reliable and efficient. 



IoT has so far been successful in making our lives easier and better and now it is time for enterprises & startups to implement IoT Solutions and Services. We at Systango build high-end industrial smart IoT applications that can bring connectivity and make everyday objects independent from physical interface and energy sources. Our team, work on the motive to reshape the entire business hierarchy by offering high-performing IoT-based applications and services. 

Systango IoT services include –

  • IoT and Embedded Softwares
  • OTA Firmware Updates
  • IoT Network Security
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Electronic Prototyping
  • Cloud-based Backend

Now, Let’s have a glance at some of our successful IoT-based projects-

How DrinkMate, a smart IoT device helped in curbing Drinking & Driving? 

“The smallest and most convenient breathalyser in the world”, DrinkMate is a smartphone IoT-based application that detects your blood alcohol content. It also lets you discover restaurants offering happy hour deals in your area, Drinkmate is  positioned as the lowest-cost breathalyser in the market.

Guitar learning revolutionised with an IoT enabled app Fret Zealot

State-of-the-art app-enabled LED addition to your guitar. Fret Zealot is an  IoT based app, interfaces with the LED fits just above the frets of the guitar to guide you exactly where to put your fingers to play anything you can imagine!

How IoT enabled Smart Aquariums are changing the way you take care of your fishes?

We have created a Full automated IoT-based aquarium system with the sensors connected in air conditioner, water inlet/outlet, and food supply inlet to perform all the functions automatically without any human interaction.

This aquarium is helping in-

  • Feeding fish in regular interval of time 
  • Checking water level
  • Maintaining water temperature


How Systango can help you?

Possibilities with the Internet of Things App Ideas are seamless and can uplift the entire physical interface experience of devices. IoT empowers the product to exchange data via the internet and it is one of the most disruptive ways in digital transformation.

If you want to leverage the benefits of IoT in your next big idea or want to revamp your existing app functionalities with IoT intervention, then you are at the right place. Systango has a top-notch track record in IoT services, generate millions in ROIs by being an early IoT adopter. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

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September 24, 2019


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