Crashalert for React Native

Last Updated on: July 10, 2020

Crashalert for React Native

As a mobile app developer, you’ve likely faced your own unique challenges in detecting, reproducing, and debugging run-time crashes in React Native applications. Of course we need a crash analyser tool that can track these crashes.

What is Crashalert?

This is a reporter that stores user action steps and runtime crashes info that you can analyse on Crash Viewer with a detailed specification of the tracked crashes. You no longer need to change existing code, you just need to import Crashalert components in your JS classes rather than react-native.

Crashalert for React-Native- Version Support

Version 2.0.5 supports react-native >= 0.52.0


It analyse the crashes of both iOS and Android React Native apps.


$ yarn rn-crash-reporter or npm install — save rn-crash-reporter

The Crashalert example app included additional features in it i.e. Code-Push, AirBnb ESLint, New React-Navigation and Redux. Those features demonstrate the project code quality and consistent feature of crash reporter.

You can have a web client installed in your machine when you will get done with the complete installation guide of our Crashlyzer. You can have the report details as shown in the image below:

You can find an example app RNCrashExamples on git which demonstrates the use of our crash reporter library. It is also having some additional features i.e. EslintCode-PushReact-Navigation and Redux are integrated. You need to add your code-push keys for android and iOS in their respective mapping files, you can follow the inline link of code-push for more details. The code-push is optional in the example app for debug mode.

The components which can be used:

  • Button
  • TouchableOpacity
  • TouchableHighlight
  • TouchableWithoutFeedback
  • TouchableNativeFeedback

Hope you will like this  package to be used with it’s crash analysing functionalities in your react-native apps.

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