Search Crawlers & Websites!!

Last Updated on: April 27, 2023

Search Crawlers & Websites!!

When I talk about search engine friendly websites, SEO and Web-designing both goes parallel. Else both are two different parts of web-marketing. Search engines crawls a webpage, and a web page never looks same to web crawlers, as it looks to us human audience.

So, while we are working on site, which is search engine friendly, some technical points are always there which should be considered. Further a webpage must be structured for both human and search engines.

Site must have indexable content:Search engines support HTML text format. Images, JavaScript and other files are devalued by search engines although having advance in technology. Images in gif, jpg, or in png format can assigned “Alt Attribute”( Text script for a visual content).

Crawlable link structure: Search engine needs to see content, in order to list pages in keyword based indices. Crawlable link structure allows spiders to browse pathways of a website. I like to mention this that many of the websites ignores this point which should not be done.Website must be in proper structure as search engine crawls website accordingly for different pages you have on a website.

Internal linking on the websites must be in proper format.

Some Pitfalls, why pages are not reachable to search crawlers:

Forms: If you require your users to fulfill submission form before visiting content pages, and if those pages are protected by passwords, crawlers will not see that content.

Java Script Links: Google not support to java script links, HTML links must be used in place of JavaScript for the pages you want search engines to crawl that particular page.

Frames or I frames: Google crawls frames and I-frames both, even than it is better to use frames.

Robot’s not uses search forms, spider never search for the content on website through any search box available on site.

These are some points which search engine consider, before crawling a website. Although there are various more factors, comes under on-page optimization etc., get involve while talks about search engine crawler.

Well, this is for now, in my next update will come to you with more information on On-Page factors, need to consider.


May 27, 2014

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