Top 20 IoT Applications that will Boost your Business in 2020

Last Updated on: April 27, 2023

Top 20 IoT Applications that will Boost your Business in 2020

In our everyday lives, we deal with many IoT applications. Be it smartwatches, wearables, or in our smart home IoT. There are quite a few Internet of Things Applications across multiple industries. While there are some projects that are still POCs, there are quite a few fully operational, scalable, business-driven, and customer value-driven.

Internet of Things, IoT applications are almost everywhere today. According to Mckinsey, the percentage of businesses that use IoT technology has increased from 13% to 25% between 2014 and 2019.

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IoT solutions by Systango
We know that Internet of Things Applications can drive a lot of value in Industrial IoT in Industry 4.0 and examples in transportation and logistics and utilities to consumer IoT, healthcare IoT, retail, IoT smart city, and cross-industry IoT use cases: there are many practical real-life IoT system examples out there and they keep increasing. So let’s look at some of the top Use Cases of IoT in various industries.

Top IoT Applications in 2020


Implement IoT in Smart City


Smart Lighting

Based on Gartner’s IoT hype cycle report 2018, smart lighting is the fourth-most mature IoT tech application. With smart lighting, we can optimize energy management.

Here, smart lighting consists of street lighting with IoT sensors. Basically, sensors collect information on traffic and pedestrians, and based on that information provide optimum lighting so that street lighting systems can save up to 80% of the energy.

Smart lighting can also be applied to factories or smart homes.

Smart Parking

In cities like San Francisco, New York, parking is a huge problem. The plan is to minimize parking problems using these IoT sensors and making IoT smart city a widespread idea.

Here’s a simple principle that smart parking IoT system follows:

  • Sensors are attached to parking lots to detect no. of parked cars
  • Measurements are periodically sent to the cloud by microcontrollers
  • Mobile Apps use cloud data to identify empty parking spaces
  • Drivers check mobile apps to identify vacant parking spaces close to their destination

 IoT smart city - Smart Parking by Systango

Structural Health Monitoring

Every city consists of a huge no. of structures such as bridges, buildings, stadiums, ships, airplanes, etc. One of the use cases of IoT smart city is to remotely collect data to monitor events like vibrations and changes in material conditions, that help in predicting structural damages, and preparing action plans before we encounter any damage.

Waste Management

Traditional waste collection is complicated, messy, and expensive. The routes are planned inefficiently, fill levels of garbage containers vary substantially. To make this entire process, IoT sensors can monitor fill levels of conventional bins and send relevant information to the city hall. This will enable garbage truck routes to be optimized for trash collection.

How Systango Can Help You?

  •  We provide technical consultancy to startups, enterprises, hedge funds, and banks on how to leverage the power of technology
  • We offer end-to-end development team for web and mobile development
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Top 4 IoT Applications in Healthcare



Who would have thought that smartwatches can be a clinically viable healthcare tool? Apple released the Apple Heart Study app in 2017 which helps in monitoring users’ heart rhythms and alerts those who are experiencing any problem. The Internet of Things applications where real-time data can enable you to make more informed and timely decisions regarding your health is precious.

Ingestible Sensors

Capsule sized ingestible electronic devices, that allow the device to observe and store data for disease diagnostics and monitoring. Such IoT systems are currently being used to measure pH, temperature, and pressure or monitor whether or not patients have taken their meds.

Insulin Pens and Smart CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring)

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is a device using which diabetic patients can monitor their blood glucose levels, by taking readings at regular intervals. Many companies like Eversense and Freestyle Libre have converted this use case into a reality. These IoT Systems allow you to access all the info about your blood glucose levels on your app.

Patient Surveillance/Remote Patient Monitoring

It’s quite shocking but around 20% of patients who go through surgery have to be readmitted to a hospital within just 30 days of release. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems take the help of wearables to monitor the condition of patients. RPM enables real-time data collection about patients’ body temperature which is the main indicator of infections. With RPM, doctors can observe patients’ data and provide early diagnoses without requiring patients to be physically present at the hospital.

Telit is an IoT solution and offers its customers a remote patient monitoring (RPM) that enhances patient monitoring capabilities and patient satisfaction. Telit’s offering can reduce:

  • patients hospital stay duration thanks to early diagnosis of complications
  • hospital readmissions


Smart IoT Applications for Smart Homes


Remote Control Appliances

Many things like:

  • turning on lights,
  • starting the coffee maker,
  • setting temperature,
  • open up a music playlist,
  • locking doors.

Can be done using our smartphone devices. IoT powered home appliances allow residents to remotely switch on and off devices using their phones. These devices also help in energy saving and easy navigation in the house.

Home Intrusion Detection Systems

Security is always important and IoT based home security applications make you feel safe. IoT Solutions like smart locks and security cameras that detect motions and send alerts to their smartphones so that they can monitor what’s happening in the house anytime anywhere.

There are quite a few smart locks applications like Eyelock is a security provider vendor that offers its clients an iris-based authentication solution. August home lock is another IoT solution, that allows you to remotely lock or unlock the door, check door status, grant virtual guest keys, and see who’s coming and going.

IoT Applications for Agriculture


Agricultural Drones

Many farmers are using ground-based and aerial-based drones to enhance various agricultural practices like – crop health assessment, irrigation practices, crop monitoring, crop spraying, crop life cycle management, and soil and field analysis.

Livestock Tracking and Geofencing

Today, Farm owners can leverage IoT applications in agriculture by using sensors attached to their livestock to collect data regarding the location, well-being, and health of their cattle. This information helps keep the cattle healthy, prevent the spread of disease, and also lowers labor costs.

For example, SCR by Allflex and Cowlar are IoT solutions that use smart agriculture sensors (collar tags) to deliver temperature, health, activity, and nutrition insights on each individual cow as well as collective information about the herd.

Smart Greenhouses

Smart greenhouses are IoT solutions that intelligently monitor and control the climate, eliminating the need for manual intervention. With the rise of hydroponic and aquaponic systems, IoT can help monitor the plants and provide information on the best steps for perfect results.

Predictive Analytics for Smart Farming

There are many information-based decisions in farming. Crop prediction is one of the first such decisions. Farmers need to decide and plan regarding the production of the crop, its storage, marketing techniques, and risk management. Placing sensors around the farm will help predict the production rate and make the necessary decisions.

More information that can be captured using these sensors includes parameters such as soil, temperature, pressure, rainfall, and humidity. The farmers can view this data on dashboards and see recommendations on how to proceed.

Logistics and Supply Chain powered by IoT Applications


Location Management Systems

Using IoT, we can build a smart location management system that will enable companies to track driver activities, vehicle location, and delivery status. The manager can be notified for chosen activities like: when goods are delivered, if a driver takes an deroute, etc.

This will help in delivery planning, scheduling, choosing the best routes resulting in a streamlined business process.

Inventory Tracking and Warehousing

One of the biggest IoT applications is the entire connected logistics ecosystem. Placing small inexpensive sensors allows companies to easily track inventory items, monitor their status and position, and create a smart warehouse system.

IoT Technology and Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is of utmost importance in every industry. It helps businesses create effective development strategies, improve decision-making, manage risks, and a lot more.

Predictive analytics along with IoT solutions have many use cases. They can be implemented towards route and delivery planning, identification of vehicle defects in advance, and order management. This can ultimately help in the timely replacement of machinery parts, prevention of any crashes, and efficient vehicle/equipment maintenance.

How Systango Can Help You?

  •  We provide technical consultancy to startups, enterprises, hedge funds, and banks on how to leverage the power of technology
  • We offer end-to-end development team for web and mobile development
  • You can hire on-demand tech resources for your development needs

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IoT and Blockchain for Supply Chain Management

There are many challenges in supply chain management. Transparency and Traceability of products across the product lifecycle – from the origin of goods to their transportation to the customer’s hands is one of the challenges that IoT and Blockchain can help solve.

We can place radio-frequency tags and sensors to monitor various factors like product temperature and humidity, vehicle location, and stage of the transportation process. All of this data can be recorded and saved in a blockchain with it’s unique digital ID, ensuring secure storage of information.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Be it Google, or Uber, every top company is trying to make self-driving cars a reality. Logistics companies will advantage a lot from this.

Self-Driving Vehicles are the best example of AI and IoT working together. IoT devices collect all the data, and the analytics system converts it into smart driving routes and directions.

Drone-Based Delivery

Not Surprisingly, drones have the highest potential in retail, logistics, agriculture, e-commerce, drones, and droids can add speed and efficiency to the working environment.

Drones can have a major impact on the logistics industry. They can lead to smart inventory tracking, fast transportation of goods, and instant in-store delivery. There is a lot happening on this front in the market, and Gartner forecasts, that the market can reach $11.2bn by 2020.

Systango and our IoT Application Implementations


Drinkmate – Smallest Breath Analyser in the World

Systango and our IoT Application Implementations

Edge Tech Labs was initially funded by about 3000 pre-orders of their first product, DrinkMate, via Kickstarter, which was positioned as the lowest-cost breathalyzer in the market. However, Drinkmate did not have a proper technology partner to build this amazing product.

Check Out the Case Study Here.

Fret Zealot – Revolutionary Way For Guitar Learning

Systango and our IoT Application Implementations - Fret Zealot by Systango

This is a state-of-the-art app-enabled LED addition to your guitar. This IoT app, interfaces with the LED that fits just above the frets of the guitar and guides you on exactly where to put your fingers and play like a pro!

Read Case Study Here.

Cerebra – IoT Enabled Smart Aquariums to Take Care of Your Fishes

We helped the client build a Fully automated IoT-based aquarium system with sensors connected in air conditioner, water inlet/outlet, and food supply inlet to perform all the functions automatically without any human interaction.

This smart aquarium will automatically –

  • Feed fishes in regular interval of time
  • Check water level
  • Maintain water temperature


Systango For Building Your IoT Applications

The number of possibilities with Internet of Things App Ideas are huge and they can change the way we interact with almost everything. IoT empowers the devices to exchange data, store information, and drive insights from that information.

If your industry and your product can leverage the benefits of IoT applications, now is the time to integrate it. Systango has a top-notch track record in IoT services, generating millions in ROIs by being an early IoT adopter. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.


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