How to Reduce Resistance to Employee Training With Learning Management System?

Last Updated on: June 20, 2022

How to Reduce Resistance to Employee Training With Learning Management System?

Encouraging employees to enthusiastically participate in training on a regular basis is no easy feat for corporates. And, whether the resistance is voiced or left unsaid, it is unlikely that your team will gain the results of the training if they are not attending it wholeheartedly. In this blog, we will be highlighting the common reasons why employees might be leery of training, and how you can make it effective with a learning management system.

Why are employees ambiguous about training?

Problem 1- They don’t find training effective enough.

One of the biggest reasons why training programs turn out to be unfruitful for employees is the “one size fits all” approach. When training appears non-applicable to the current job profile, eyes start to glaze over and the mind starts wandering in different directions. So, if you have a common training program for all the employees, which is not relatable or applicable enough, employees become sceptical of the training program as a whole.

The Solution – Define relevant training paths using an LMS Software

It’s worth the extra efforts to make the corporate training program as relevant and job-specific as possible. Remember, the more relevant and skill-enhancing your training program will be, the more chances it will be adopted. And, if you find it overwhelming to personalize the training program for each role in your organization, then you probably need the right learning management system.

How to choose the right LMS Software?

Make sure it is easy to create courses on the software as this will enable you to share training creation responsibilities with subject-matter experts. Swotter is a top-notch LMS for business that allows you to reuse the content you have already create or build the course from scratch. The tool is equipped with time-saving drag and drop features that allow adding all types of media to the tool such as presentations, docs and videos.

Problem 2 – They are overloaded with information.

In order to maximize the available resources and minimize the logistical expenses, companies tend to offer day(s) long training sessions. However, the reality is employees can’t remain engaged and absorb all the information in a single day, meaning overloading the employees with too much training material can make them quickly forget whatever is being taught.

The Solution – Adopt Microlearning Methods

Instead of conducting the complete training session in a single day, try testing video-based microlearning training methods and bite-sized learning opportunities, which keep employees gripped and help them get maximum benefit through the session. Producing short, engaging training that provides bursts of information in 15 minutes to a maximum of half an hour can help you get the most out of your training sessions. And, best of all, whenever an employee wants to revise some part, he/she can easily access the video through the learning management system. 

Problem 3 – They can’t see the long-term benefits of training sessions.

Some employees only see training as time-intensive tasks that consume their precious working hours. They simply go through the training material without actually engaging in the content or soaking in the courses that are available to them because they don’t know where to use the skills after the training. Education is not so much about learning useful job skills, but it is more about showing off those skills.

The Solution- Training should be meaningful and measurable

You pour both your crucial time and energy into producing great content and choosing the right LMS for business that employees can access day-in and day-out. With so much at stake, make sure you are able to measure the result of all your labour. The training efforts should be measurable, this not only motivates employees for their promotion, but they also work hard to increase their chances of promotion.

Problem 4 – Absence of a broader learning ecosystem.

Learning & Development teams at most of the corporates pride themselves on conducting classroom training sessions, however, they hit a roadblock sooner or later. 

The Solution: Foster a broader ecosystem for corporate training.

Organizations should evolve their learning systems to include a comprehensive blend of online courses and classroom training. Online courses, which can be distributed to employees through a learning management system allow employees to go through the training material whenever they have enough time. They can replay/review material during the course and even after the completion of the course. Moreover, online courses incorporate a greater range of e-learning materials such as interactions, visual storytelling and scenarios. 

The employee training program should be the right balance between organizational priorities and individual development needs. Unless the training courses are sharply aligned to business needs, one sees minimal support from business leaders, and managers. Similarly, if learners do not get clear and specific benefits from the training, they end up uninterested participants.

Hence, a strong value proposition for both – organization and employees is critical for the success of the program. 

Reduce Resistance to Employee Training With Swotter

Swotter is a learning management system for companies looking to onboard faster, train teams effectively and coach at scale. With Swotter, corporates skyrocket their productivity and drive better results. 

Here are some of the features offered by Swotter –

Swotter LMS Features
  • Host online or in-person training sessions –

Swotter allows you to set up and host online in-person training sessions. You can host video conferences, start discussions, leave feedback, send messages and more.

  • Take Tests and Quizzes –

Build your own quizzes, assignments, surveys and tests to evaluate your learners. Swotter also provides you custom certificates to acknowledge the team for their performance.

  • Have your brand –

You can add your logo and brand colours to align your Swotter account with your company’s domain. You can fine-tune it using CSS, HTML and Javascript.

  • Engage your users with gamification –

Gamify courses with points, levels, leaderboards badges and rewards and hook your learners with your training courses.

  • Custom reports and dynamic dashboards –

Track training with real-time scheduled and custom reports. This LMS for business also brings you dynamic dashboards, exportable excel sheets and training infographics that help in the analysis of employee performance.

Whether it is seamless onboarding, compliance training, remote workforce training, or sales training, Swotter is the go-to option for all your corporate training needs. Get in touch with us to explore more features of Swotter and know how it can benefit your business.

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October 18, 2021

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