Your Roadmap On How To Create NFT Like CryptoPunks

Your Roadmap On How To Create NFT Like CryptoPunks

NFT advanced as a buzzword after being associated with digital artwork, trading tokens, animal pictures, PFP (profile picture), and online gaming. Non-fungible tokens have become a major digital topic throughout the year. In fact, they are now considered one of the top trading options in the market. 

The extreme rise in its popularity and continuous advancements in blockchain technology has opened numerous gates for NFTs. 

Now, if you’re a little confused about what exactly does NFT offer? You must know, NFTs provide their owner with proof of ownership of an item (that exists digitally) and preserve its own for future transactions through digital signatures. 

What Exactly Are CryptoPunks? 

CryptoPunks Features-Systango

CryptoPunks is one of the oldest platforms that has thousands of NFTs listed on it. That’s the reason it is the most popular PFP NFT in the market. 

Yes, CryptoPunks belong to the PFP (profile picture) category; wherein several avatars are generated programmatically with different traits such as Face, Head, etc… Some of these traits show rarer attributes, and hence are valued higher.

CryptoPunks have existed since the beginning of the NFTs realm. Back in 2017, they launched some 10,000 punks on their platform, which were procedurally created and claimed by users for free. 

With years into developing PFPs, a dedicated group of people began swapping these photos. Soo, renowned poker stars, YouTubers, big business figures and venture capitalists took the initiative to make PFPs what it is today. 

If you search, you will find, the cheapest punk will cost you around $30,000 in Ethereum cryptocurrency. And the ones that are rarest will cost approximately $10 million in the market today. 

Isn’t all this just so exciting? 

Without further ado, let’s learn how to create NFT-like CryptoPunks, and nurture it for future market trading. 

Roadmap To Create NFTs Like CryptoPunks

1. Select Your Art 

Choosing your artwork is the first step. You will have to decide whether you want to create an NFT as a digital painting, a video, a text, a text, or anything that can be reproduced as a multimedia file.

2. Actions To Design/Code Your NFT Artwork

You can prefer a 24*24 or 32*32 canvas on an image editor matching your pixel art program. Export each image as a png and then install a preferred programming language to unite the script’s photos with suitable e-code.

3. Access To Some Ether 

To build an NFT, you will have to pay a fee, and the price will be variable. Ethereum has been one of the most popular NFT development blockchain platforms and most NFT platforms support it as well.

So, if you don’t have any ether with you, you can maybe use simple wallet apps such as ‘MetaMask’ to save and manage crypto. For better assistance, you can reach out to any NFT development company or consultant. 

4. Choose Your Marketplace

Once you created the artwork and have sufficient funds to launch it, you need to select the marketplace to advertise your unique NFT.  If you have scrolled through NFT markets, OpenSea, Mintable and Rarible are some prominent markets to list NFTs.

Fact: OpenSea is the first NFT marketplace to mark a protocol revenue of 9.2 m USD.

5. Creating Your NFT

After connecting your ETH wallet to the NFT marketplace, you can now create your own collection and save your work on the marketplace. Then click the ‘Create’ button and voila! You have just launched one of your own NFTs on the web.

6. Trading Your NFT

In order to get the right bids for your digital asset, you need to showcase your original artwork as NFT.

Participate in the NFT auction process and given the pace at which trading occurs on CryptoPunks, it won’t be long for any digital asset lovers to notice your outstanding artwork.


NFT Market Cap has marked a 3242.8% Year-on-Year growth; which explains the opportunities available for wealth creation. 

Who knows you might end up as an owner of a digital Mona Lisa. 

We hope that you got the answer on how to create NFT-like Cryptopunks. If you’re genuinely interested in building an NFT and are looking for the right people to discuss your idea with, Systango can help!

We have a vast team of skilled blockchain developers and consultants who can help you with quality development solutions and guide you through all the steps required to build an outstanding NFT token. Our experts leverage their expertise in offering comprehensive services – from NFT rollouts to dApp development and other blockchain services

Mayank Khare

December 30, 2022

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