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Build Automated Advanced Data
Pipelines With Our Data Engineering Services

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A consumer electronics company that needed more
understanding of their data which was spread across 11
different data sources. We helped them build a data lake,
created various dashboards to showcase different KPI
performance and built forecasting and sentiment analysis
models enabling them with the right information to make
critical decisions.

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Case Study - Innovelli | Data Engineering Services | Systango
Case Study - 4iiz | Data Engineering Consulting | Systango

4iiz is a software for law firms currently used across
the USA. Firms using 4iiz have recorded an increase
in revenues by 200%, 300% even 400%! They had a
lot of data but it was disparate and spread across
various data sources, we helped them build a data
warehouse and put into perspective key decision

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Gym Launch

A gym membership business who needed help in setting
up zoho CRM and to manage their customers using Zoho
Subscription. While doing this, we helped them visualise
data regarding leads, conversions, churn rate and
understand how to optimize their offerings.

Case Study - Gym Launch | Data Science & Engineering Services | Systango
Bespoke Data Engineering Service Providers in London, UK | Systango

Level Up Your Business With Our Bespoke Data Engineering Consultation & Services.

We are a team of data engineers, and take pride in calling ourselves data scientists. We work with our clients to transform data into intelligent insights with descriptive and predictive modeling by using data mining, text mining, and forecasting. Our solutions have helped businesses reduce churn rate, segment customers, forecast demands, reduce risk, and much more. Our data engineering services enable organisations to:

  • Organise their data from various data stores over to cloud, data lake.
  • Build ETL pipelines
  • Implement the right business intelligence tools
  • Build ML systems
  • Make actionable insights accessible to the stakeholders via dashboards, graphs and other suitable material.

We not only handle the technical side of your data journey, but also help you through in-depth research of your business, to determine which areas it makes the most sense to apply the AI and ML algorithms. Our data software engineers will ensure you get the right matrix from AI-enabled automation and predictive algorithms.

We take care of all the data- and computation-intensive processes (including softwares and drivers, vast storage, network and memory resources), setting up data lakes to identify missing data points.

Our Data Engineers Solve
Problems Using This Approach.

  • Studying The Problem
  • Studying The Problem

As with any project, we start by studying your product needs or challenges, documenting requirements and what is the value you are looking for from the data.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Here we review your current data infrastructure and explore datasets to find anomalies, missing values, dependencies and patterns.

  • Data Preparation
  • Data Preparation

We prepare the data by cleaning it and transforming it into a unified format.

  • Data Modeling And Evaluation
  • Data Modeling And Evaluation

Our data scientists now train numerous models to define which one of them provides the most accurate results. We choose the right model for you in terms of accuracy, simplicity and performance.

  • Designing The Solution and Deployment
  • Designing The Solution and Deployment

Depending on the solution we are trying to build, if it’s a BI product, we will share reports and dashboards with you or if it’s a ML algorithm, we’ll share a custom ML-driven app for your use or integrate it with the needed applications.

Our Data Engineering Software
Development Techniques.

  • Predictive Modeling
    Predictive Modeling

    Predict events of significance to your operations and improve confidence.

  • Statistical Modeling
    Statistical Modeling

    Perform analysis with limited data sets and gain key insights.

  • Machine Learning & Neural Networks
    Machine Learning & Neural Networks

    Take your insights to a deeper level using all of your data.

  • Data Wrangling & ETL
    Data Wrangling & ETL

    Organize your data into data stores accessible by everyone.

  • Visualization

    Harness the power of visual presentation to enhance understanding and decision making.

  • Natural Language Processing
    Natural Language Processing

    Our models can understand, analyse, manipulate and generate humal-like communications.

  • Storytelling

    Communicate the results to everyone in the organization.

  • Problem Solving
    Problem Solving

    Apply analytics to solve problems before they impact operations.

Technology Stack.

Data Science & Engineering Technology Stack | Systango

Discuss How Systango Can Transform
Your Idea Into A Reality.

Making our clients leaders in their niche by understanding data patterns and predicting future trends, is what we are doing at Systango in terms of predictive analytics services. We help organisations extrapolate patterns, both the ones that have already occurred and those that are yet to happen.

We believe that reliable data analytics solutions must be in place to help companies manage complex issues. With data analytics, our data engineers support clients in obtaining direct insights from raw data, streaming or at rest, regardless of where it is stored. Assisting organizations to make better data-driven decisions and improve customer service is the biggest goal behind our data engineering consulting services.

We have vast experience working across business analytics, marketing and sales analytics, operational analytics and CPG analytics. Our team of data engineers has profound knowledge and experience in designing, implementing, and integrating artificial intelligence (AI) solutions into the customer’s business environment.

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