6 Tips to Improve Cross-Platform App Development

Last Updated on: April 27, 2023

6 Tips to Improve Cross-Platform App Development

Mobile app development has become the gig of the decade and the trend is here to stay. Today, people spend most of their time on their phones and a major portion of this time is spent on mobile apps. 

As the mobile app development industry is picking up pace, the need to keep up with the competition is also surging. The businesses are eyeing approaches like cross-platform app development for functional, affordable and efficient apps. However, developing a cross-platform application becomes challenging while trying to address the unique needs of each and every platform. 

The app is expected to have an attractive design that catches the eye of users and offers smooth functioning. Now, the question that arises is how to achieve this through cross-platform app development? We’ve got you covered, here are 6 tips to improve cross-platform mobile app development.

Let’s dive in:

Make your App Attractive

An app should have a meaningful and visually appealing design that can compel users to take the desired action. A mobile app design should be such that it can generate interest, enhance usability and provide an experience tailored according to the needs of users. The outlook of an app should be one-of-a-kind yet it should be consistent across all the platforms. It is crucial for the overall brand success. 

We, at Systango, a cross-platform mobile app development company, make sure that our design approach for each platform varies while the brand identity of the app remains intact. This ensures that the app is perfectly designed for each platform without losing recognition.

How Systango Can Help You?

  • We provide technical consultancy to startups, enterprises, hedge funds, and banks on how to leverage the power of technology
  • We offer an end-to-end development team for web and mobile development
  • You can hire on-demand tech resources for your development need

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Utilize Platform-Independent Approach:

Most of the app developers out there focus on one platform – iOS or Android more than the other. Thye test the app using one platform generally or use one platform more frequently. To address this problem, the cross-platform app should be built in the same way as a web service. Using an independent programming module to set up an application offers a better structure for all the platforms.

UI Guidelines for both platforms should be considered:

While addressing the needs of diverse platforms, it becomes a must for developers to consider separate UI guidelines. Systango has a team of experienced cross-platform app developers who are familiar with all the guidelines and requirements for successful multi-platform app development. Having a deep understanding and knowledge of how to navigate the cores of the app enables us to develop cross-platform applications that are handy for all engines.

There are many differences that need to be considered while developing a cross-platform application, however, choosing to be very specific to one platform can destructively affect the overall app usage. This can be overcome by considering the most important features of both platforms.

Use the Right Cross-Platform Framework

The software communities are working hard to develop technologies and tools that can not only compete with the native apps but also have the potential to win the game of cross-platform app development. Examples of these tools include Xamarin, React Native and Flutter.

All the cross-platform mobile app development frameworks come with their pros and cons, picking the right one for your app is crucial. For example, Flutter is a perfect platform for developing MVPs and thus if you are a startup, instead of wasting extra money on two different applications, you can launch your MVP using Flutter that is native to both the platforms iOS and Android. However, since Flutter is new hence not every feature can be found in its libraries. Also, apps developed through Flutter cannot run on Android TV or Apple TV. 

Similarly, when it comes to React Native, the framework has “ready to apply components”, so there is no need to write codes from scratch and you can eventually save time. React Native is widely preferred by developers and tech companies for cross-platform app development, however, when you are developing an app through React Native, you are required to keep a close eye on malicious code snippets as this can easily damage the core functionality of your app.

Here, we have brought the comparison of three widely cross-platform app development frameworks – Flutter vs Xamarin vs React Native. This blog will help you understand the features, pros and cons that come with each of these frameworks and help you make the right choice for your app.

How Systango Can Help You?

  • We provide technical consultancy to startups, enterprises, hedge funds, and banks on how to leverage the power of technology
  • We offer an end-to-end development team for web and mobile development
  • You can hire on-demand tech resources for your development need

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Make sure to test on all platforms:

Cross-platform app developers at Systango combine both the universal elements of all the engines and unique functionalities that are specific to either iOS and Android. We have a dedicated team of quality analysts and testers who make sure that the app is tested for the individual platform before it is launched on the app store.

Testing the app on all platforms not only ensures that the app is free of bugs and errors but also helps in estimating the progress and making the needed adjustments before getting to the point of no return. 

User should be the core link

When developing an application, the user should be the main focus. It’s no difference when developing an app dedicated to a particular search engine or the one which is native to both iOS and Android. Keeping the user in the core link means using the app from different platforms and understanding their development side.

Being familiar with technologies involved in developing different widely used applications enables the cross-platform app developers at Systango to enhance the usability and functionality of an application.

Whether you are a unicorn startup, medium-size business or an enterprise, Systango can help you convert your idea into reality at minimum cost with cross-platform app development. In addition to this, we can help you augment your team for a particular project by providing you with experts for cross-platform app development. Our cross-platform app developers can help you with everything from strategy, design, development and deployment.

Systango and Cross-Platform App Development


FutureBricks needed a technology partner to roll out their web platform, build mobile apps, and be FutureBrick’s core technology partner to help them get through the FCA regulation process.

We delivered an intuitive application that lets investors analyze UK based property development projects and invest in them. We helped them launch their P2P Lending web app within a short span of 3 months including successful pen testing! We then rolled out the Android and iOS mobile app built using React Native cross-platform app development framework that now enables 1000+ lenders to invest in the move.

The Simcha App

The client approached us to develop an innovative solution to simplify gifting. We brainstormed and suggested cross-platform app development technology for their app, where one can make groups, choose from a selection of gifts from different vendors for a variety of occasions, and send with just a few clicks.

We delivered The Simcha App with a sophisticated backend developed using ReactNative, allowing users to manage the gifts which show up on the app. They can upload new products, manage cut-off times for delivery, and see what items were ordered and what needs to go out when. It all stays very organized!


The client needed a subscription service that allows users to stream and download on-demand programs from their vast library of thousands of classic radio programs developed using cross-platform app development technology. Top features include Sam Spade, Jack Benny, Johnny Dollar, Fibber McGee and Molly, The Green Hornet, Life of Riley, etc.

We built iOS and Android apps for RadioSpirit with ReactNative that seamlessly operates on both iOS and Android-based mobile devices. We have built a streaming service that leverages WebRTC technology to stream data.

Want to discuss which cross-platform app development framework would best meet your requirements, get in touch with the team at Systango. Just to let you know – the consultation is on us!

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March 11, 2021

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