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Based in Glen Head, New York, Strat-O-Matic is a
well-acclaimed fantasy sports game company
dedicated to develop and publish board games,
digital games and simulations.

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Realise your full financial potential and understand your
net worth, investments, and performance. As a tech
partner, we helped YourARQ, a wealth management firm
build a cross platform app to give its users better insights
into their wealth.


Laundry can get boring.. So we helped MyOnlineCleaner
redefine ordering laundry services with a cross platform
app that will get its users clean clothes with just a few

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Frameworks We Absolutely Love.


No one can beat Google in writing a framework that can help you produce the Android app that works across a variety of Android devices seamlessly. Flutter is the newest yet fastest evolving cross-platform app development framework. Our Flutter app developers utilize this Google-developed framework to build interactive, flexible, and UX-rich NextGen apps. Our expertise in Dart has helped us take this framework full on.

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React Native

A framework from the Facebook community means it is here to stay and will not have challenges that previous hybrid frameworks have seen. Join the league of AirBnB, Instagram, Walmart, Bloomberg. ReactNative allows you to use upto 90% of your code between iOS and Android cross-platform app development when done right. Guess how much that adds up to in time and money!

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The major framework behind more than 5 million apps, Ionic offers platform-specific UI elements through a library of native components for Android and iOS. Guess what’s the cherry on the top? Ionic utilizes Angular JS for providing application structure. So you only need to hire one Angular developer to maintain both Web and Mobile apps!

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Choose The Right Cross-Platform Technology For Your Business Goals.

1. Initial Discussion.

We try to understand your idea, customers, services and your business goals and evaluate if cross platform application development is the right thing for you.

2. Internal Analysis.

We then analyse all the information, list down any questions we have, and get back to you.

3. Brainstorming Sessions.

We clarify all the questions that we have. And request for additional information like:

  • How many users do you expect to have?
  • Are you targeting mobile, desktop, web or a combination?
  • Do you require any custom animations or a user interface?
  • Will the product have real-time data streaming?
  • Do you plan to implement augmented or virtual reality features?

4. Finalising the Technology And Roadmap

Based on the above information, our cross-platform mobile app developers in London propose the best native or cross platform technology solutions for your business along with the reasons for our choice. We answer any questions you may have and enable you to reach the right conclusion.

5. Project Implementation

We begin with the UI/UX development strategy and take it to the development lifecycle from here. Check out our Development Strategy here.

Discuss How Systango Can Transform Your
Idea Into An Inspiring Reality!

Whether you’re a unicorn startup, SME or an enterprise client, we ask questions. First question being ”How will this product become an important part of your target audience’s day?”. As a leading mobile app development company in London, we want our apps to be intuitive, sleek, yet powerful, and aesthetically beautiful.

When you hire mobile app developers at Systango, we don’t think about just getting over the finish line, we want to elevate the product at every step in the SDLC, from ideation to wireframing, testing, and debuting the MVP. We believe getting you in the app stores is just the start.

Get On-Demand
App Experts.

Need on-demand app experts? Increase or decrease the size of your mobile app development team with relative ease - and get billed only for the time you use.

Don’t Know Where To Begin.

Not sure about how to convert your idea into a digital reality or what’s the next step for your app? Don’t worry! Our mobile app developers in London can help you.

Calculate Cost of
Your App.

Want to understand the cost that will go into making your app? Get ballpark estimates with no hidden costs or fees associated with it.

Secure Your

Need to test the profitability and viability of your mobile app to secure funding? We have got you! Get started with MVP Development today.

Our Cross-Platform App Development Services
Includes It All.

We would love to be the ones to bring your app ideas to life, our cross-platform app developers in London can help you with everything - strategy, design, development and deployment.

  • Cross-Platform App Strategy

    Cross-Platform App Strategy

  • POC, Prototype and MVP Development

    POC, Prototype and MVP Development

  • Full-fledged cross-platform App Development

    Full-fledged cross-platform App Development

  • QA and DevOps

    QA and DevOps

  • Support and Maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

  • API Integrations

    API Integrations

We Are Recognised As The Leading
Digital Engineering Company.

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Developing Solutions For A Range Of Business Domains.

We Serve a Wide Range of Industries.

  • Enterprise Mobility

  • Social Networks Apps

  • Fintech Apps

  • Health & Fitness Apps

  • E-Commerce Mobile Apps

  • Music & Entertainment Apps

  • iGaming and Fantasy Sports Apps

  • Education Apps

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