Blockchain Game Development Services To Unlock Game Decentralisation

Last Updated on: January 11, 2024

Blockchain Game Development Services To Unlock Game Decentralisation

The gaming industry is at the forefront of innovation with an array of blockchain game development services. It is predicted that decentralised game development will hit approximately $65.7 billion by the end of 2027. These stats are enough to justify why blockchain game development is a booming space for investment.

Furthermore, one of the prime reasons why the world has taken a shift towards blockchain gaming is its environmental facets. Some games even employ carbon offsets, making them sustainable by backing in-game currency with eco-initiatives like green cryptocurrencies.

For instance, using Proof-of-Stake blockchains, such as WAX, reduces energy consumption vs conventional Proof-of-Work blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Now that we understand why one should opt for blockchain game development services, let us explore them in detail. We will talk about the following aspects:

Types Of Innovative Blockchain Game Development Services

There are various custom, ready-to-implement blockchain and crypto game development services: 

Types Of Innovative Blockchain Game Development Services

1. Custom Smart Contract Development 

At Systango, our expert blockchain developers offer smart contract game development, utilising popular frameworks like Solidity to craft custom smart contracts for blockchain-based games. Solidity is a widely used programming language specifically designed for writing smart contracts on Ethereum and other compatible blockchains.

Our process involves understanding the game’s requirements, designing the smart contract logic, implementing it using Solidity, and rigorously testing for potential vulnerabilities.

Once the smart contract is thoroughly audited and secured, it is deployed on the blockchain platform, enabling seamless and transparent interactions within the game ecosystem.

2. Game Development On The Blockchain

Using blockchain-based game development tools like Unity or Unreal Engine, our skilled game developers create blockchain-based games that leverage the decentralised nature of blockchain technology.

They design captivating game logic, captivating graphics, and smooth animations, integrating the custom smart contracts previously developed. Players can interact directly with their in-game assets on the blockchain network using web3.js or similar libraries. This ensures the actual ownership and security of virtual assets.

3. Token Development 

In our custom token development process & NFT gaming development, we leverage blockchain standards such as ERC-20 or ERC-721 (Non-Fungible Tokens), depending on the game’s requirements. ERC-20 tokens are widely used as in-game currency, allowing players to perform various in-game transactions.

ERC-721 tokens, on the other hand, represent unique and rare in-game items, adding value and scarcity to the gaming experience. Our developers use these token standards to create custom tokens, deploy them on the blockchain, and integrate them seamlessly into different NFT-based games, fostering a thriving in-game economy.

4. Game Marketing 

The game marketing process involves deploying the blockchain game on various platforms, including app stores and game marketplaces, to reach a wider audience. This is achieved by utilising tools like IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to ensure decentralised storage and distribution of game assets.

Additionally, we design marketing campaigns across social media platforms, leveraging blockchain-based advertising solutions for increased visibility and player engagement.

By integrating blockchain-based analytics tools, we can track the success of marketing efforts, allowing for data-driven decisions to optimise the marketing strategy.

4. Gaming dApps Development

At Systango, we innovate your gaming concepts into realistic and immersive gaming dApps. We offer custom gaming dApps development and captivating solutions like mobile game apps, metaverse game apps, fantasy sports game applications, cross-platform game apps, and IOS and Android game apps.

5. Game Maintenance 

Our game maintenance process includes regular monitoring and updates to ensure a smooth gaming experience. We use tools like Truffle Suite to automate smart contract testing and detect potential vulnerabilities or bugs. Game maintenance allows us to fix issues and roll out updates to the game swiftly.

We can use frameworks like RASA or Dialogflow to incorporate chatbot features, which provide quick and efficient support for players.

6. Performance Tracking 

To optimise gameplay and enhance the player experience, we employ advanced performance tracking techniques. This involves integrating analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel, specifically adapted for blockchain games, to monitor player behaviour, engagement, and other game performance metrics.

By analysing this data, we gain valuable insights that inform our development decisions, leading to continuous improvements and an engaging gaming experience.

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Benefits Of Blockchain Game Development Services

Following are some of the core advantages of blockchain game development services:

1. Decentralisation and Transparency 

Blockchain technology’s core advantage lies in its ability to offer a decentralised and transparent environment for gaming. In traditional gaming, central authorities control the game’s mechanics, transactions, and assets, leading to trust issues among players.

However, blockchain-based games uproot the need for intermediaries, offering a trustless and open system where players can verify and validate transactions independently. The entire transaction history is stored on the blockchain for transparency and immutability.

2. Ownership of In-Game Assets 

With blockchain, players gain ownership of their in-game assets. These assets represent unique digital tokens, recorded on the blockchain, and associated with the player’s digital wallet. This ownership extends beyond the game environment, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade assets on external crypto platforms.

As a result, players can potentially earn real-world value from their virtual possessions, providing a novel way to monetise their gaming experiences.

3. Secure Payments and Lower Transaction Costs 

Blockchain-based games utilise native crypto tokens for secure and convenient payments. Players can make transactions directly with smart contracts, which automatically validate and record the exchange on the blockchain.

By bypassing traditional payment gateways and intermediaries, blockchain games can significantly reduce transaction costs for players and developers, streamlining the gaming economy.

4. Enhanced Security and Monetisation Opportunities 

Blockchain technology enhances security for player data and transactions through encrypted ledgers and decentralised storage systems. These measures protect against potential hacking and fraud attempts, ensuring a more secure gaming experience.

Additionally, blockchain-based games present unique monetisation opportunities, such as game asset tokenisation. Players can tokenise their in-game assets and trade them on various crypto platforms, fostering the development of new gaming economies.

5. Immersive Experiences and Future Potential 

Blockchain games offer immersive experiences through features like digital identity and reputation systems. Players can have personalised experiences and build their online presence as they interact with the virtual world.

Furthermore, blockchain games are still in their nascent evolution stages, promising immense innovation potential. Developers have the freedom to explore new gameplay mechanics, economic models, and social interactions, pushing the boundaries of what gaming can achieve.

Why Choose Us For Blockchain Game Development?

We have a deep understanding of Hyperledger, Polygon, Tron, Flow, Solana, and Ethereum game development services. Our experts can provide tailored solutions that perfectly align with our client’s specific needs.

Moreover, we have a team of developers with skills in Unity and Unreal Engine-based game development. They ensure that the games we build are of robust quality, visually appealing, and highly engaging, captivating players.

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We ensure the security and reliability of blockchain games with our smart contract audit services. By thoroughly examining and verifying smart contracts, we ensure that potential bugs and vulnerabilities are identified and rectified. This safeguards players’ assets and ensures a smooth gaming experience.

Our ability to develop custom smart contracts on various blockchain platforms is another strength. This enables the creation of unique in-game assets and facilitates secure and transparent transactions within the gaming ecosystem. 

Additionally, our experience in Metaverse game development sets us apart as pioneers in this emerging trend in the gaming industry. We employ cloud-based solutions, containerisation, and microservices architectures for a seamless and scalable metaverse game ecosystem.

Our metaverse experts can also implement standards like the Open Metaverse Interoperability Protocol (OMI). It enables seamless transitions and interactions between distinct metaverse environments, creating a cohesive and unified player experience.

For further details on blockchain game development services and consulting for gaming on the blockchain platform, connect with our experts. Build your dream game into an intriguing gameplay ecosystem.

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