Secret Santa in Systango

Secret Santa in Systango

Bells, Snow and Candles all around, Oh yeah! Do you hear Santa’s sound?

In a cold winter morning, a thought suddenly woke me up. “For next 3 days, you will be secret Santa for someone and vice-versa”. Damn, this is going to be fun! I picked up a chit, hoping to be secret Santa for someone whom I know at least. I closed my eyes, and opened the piece of paper. *Happy Happy*. I became secret Santa for one of my favorite person at Systango.

The Christmas party day was our next destination. Everybody was giving gift to each other, secretly. Sometimes it feels good to receive unexpected gifts, but it feels best to make someone smile secretly with your efforts. And the events like “Find your Santa hat” and “Dare to win” made our day. All were dressed up in red and white, cutely forwarding their gifts, trying to hide their excitement and behaving innocently while watching others open their gifts. I secretly placed my gift for the one I was supposed to. Watching the beautiful expression on his face when he opened and took it in his hand was the best part of whole day. I wondered then – is everyone feeling the same way.

Finally, the day arrived and everyone was excited to know who their secret Santa was. People were hovering around, guessing secret Santa for each other, either to pull leg or seriously revealing the secret. At last we got to know our secret Santa. While walking to the podium to reveal who I was secretly placing the materialistic happiness, I knew, he hadn’t guessed it yet. I looked out for him through the crowd and took his name. From smile to that kind of “How-could-you-be-my-Santa” smirk told me that I was successful in being his secret Santa. My extra-ordinary Santa gifted me what I always desired for, though making it obvious by indirectly asking me! Everyone was happy with what they experienced in last 3 days.

Yes, it was Christmas! It was cold night, and as I walked through the aisle of church with the warmth of candles, bells jingling all around and the beautiful light shining and making aura at the back of Jesus, I realised and thought that my red little angel has blessed me with the most precious thing that I will always admire. Let me call it a place, rather than a thing. Let me call it – Systango.

“The end of the year is near,

And you know, there is lot more to go.

Wait for the New Year eve my dear friends,

It’s always special in a place called Systango!”

Systango wishes you all Merry Christmas. May Lord Jesus bless you. Amen.

Shaonika Saha

December 25, 2012

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