How To Choose The Best Web3 Game Development Company For Your Project?

Last Updated on: July 25, 2023

How To Choose The Best Web3 Game Development Company For Your Project?

Choosing a Web3 game development company is tedious in this evolving landscape of cutting-edge technologies. With blockchain revolutionising gaming and providing immersive, transparent experiences, finding the right game development company is crucial.

Choosing a suitable game development company is crucial for aspiring game developers and web3 entrepreneurs. In this blog, we’ll explore key factors for choosing a web3 game dev company that matches your project’s vision and goals.

We’ll provide insights for an informed decision, from assessing their blockchain integration skills to reviewing their innovative game record. This blog covers the following segments: 

As per DappRadar’s report following are the current web3 gaming trends:

  • On-chain gaming activity witnessed a slight decrease of 3.33% in March, with 741,567 daily Unique Active Wallets (dUAW). However, games still accounted for a significant 45.6% of the overall dApp industry activity in Q1 2023.
  • Polygon has emerged as the second-largest gaming chain, experiencing an impressive growth of 53% in dUAW compared to the previous month.
  • The top games in Q1 2023 include Alien Worlds, which dominated 66% of the WAX activity with an average of 223,945 dUAW, and Splinterlands, claiming 99% of Hive activity with an average of 127,242 dUAW.
  • March 2023 showcased outstanding performance from Iskra and Hunters On-Chain by BoomLand, with remarkable monthly on-chain usage growth of 708% and 15,497%, respectively.
  • The trade count for virtual worlds reached a new high of 67,165 in March, culminating in a quarter with 143,735 land sales and a trading volume of $350 million.
  • Yuga Labs experienced remarkable growth in gaming NFTs, such as Sewer Pass, Mechas, and Otherside, generating a substantial trading volume of $153 million.
  • Investments in blockchain games and metaverse projects soared to $434 million in March, bringing the total investment for Q1 to an impressive $739 million.

These trends showcase the dynamic web3 game development industry, emphasising evolving user engagement, market growth, and financial investments.

Web3 Game Development Company: Benefits Of Selecting One

Web3 Game Development Company: Benefits Of Selecting One

By selecting a web3 game development company, you can leverage their expertise, access cutting-edge technologies, receive customised services, seamlessly integrate blockchain & NFTs, and efficiently manage your game development project.

A web3 game development company empowers you to unlock the full potential of web3 technologies and create captivating games in the decentralised gaming landscape. 

Benefits of choosing a web3 game development company:

Expertise In Web3 Game Development

A specialised web3 game development company brings deep knowledge and expertise in blockchain integration, NFT game development, and decentralised game development, ensuring your game complies with the latest industry standards and best practices.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Partnering with a web3 game development company gives you access to cutting-edge technologies, tools, and platforms that enhance the user experience and set your game apart from other web3 games.

Customised Services

Web3 game development companies offer tailored solutions to meet your specific project requirements. Whether it’s NFT game development, decentralised game development, or other specialised services, we ensure your game aligns with your vision and goals.

Seamless Integration Of Blockchain And NFTs

Web3 game development companies can integrate decentralised technology and NFTs into your game. This enables features like in-game asset ownership, player-driven economies, and provable scarcity, providing unique and rewarding experiences for players.

Efficient Project Management

With their experience in managing complex projects and adhering to timelines, web3 game development companies ensure efficient project execution, allowing you to seize market opportunities and deliver your game on time.

How Systango Can Help?

  • Pricing & hourly rates of skilled game developers from $30 to $35
  • Innovating avatars for hyper-realistic web3 gaming ecosystems
  • Blockchain developers for hire with fortes in Unity & Unreal Engine
  • Integrating gaming wallets, smart contracts, & upgrading gaming infrastructure

Request A Proposal Software Development Company | Systango

Connect with us to unlock the full potential of web3 game development opportunities and collaborate with our experts to curate your dream web3 game. 

How To Choose The Best Web3 Game Development Company?

When it comes to choosing the best web3 game development company, there are several factors you should consider. This way you can ensure that you are partnering with a company with the expertise, experience, and capabilities to create a successful and secure web3 game. 

Here are six key factors to consider:

Expertise and Experience 

Look for a company with proven expertise and experience in web3 game development. Check their portfolio for successful project examples and evaluate their track record in delivering high-quality games.

Blockchain Knowledge

The development company should have an understanding of blockchain and web3 protocols. This knowledge is essential for ensuring the security and reliability of the game, as well as incorporating innovative and decentralised components.

Game Development Tools

Verify whether the company has proficiency in using game engines and design software. Their expertise in utilising the right tools and technologies can significantly impact the quality and performance of the game.

Security And Compliance

Given the involvement of financial transactions in web3 games, security and compliance should be a top priority. Choose a company that follows strict security measures and complies with industry standards to protect user data and ensure a safe gaming environment.

Communication And Collaboration Skills

Effective communication and collaboration are essential for a smooth development process. Look for a company that excels in these areas, as it will contribute to efficient teamwork and the ability to address your requirements effectively.

Pricing And Delivery

Consider the company’s pricing structure and delivery capabilities. Transparency in pricing is important to avoid any unexpected costs. Additionally, ensure that the company can deliver the project within your desired timeline without compromising on quality.

Our Costing As A Web3 Game Development Company

The cost of web3 blockchain game development is an important consideration. Systango, as a blockchain game development company, offers competitive pricing and hourly rates ranging from $30 to $35 for their skilled game developers. We prioritise cost-effectiveness while maintaining high quality. 

Blockchain game development cost depends on various factors, including the complexity of smart contracts, integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), backend infrastructure requirements, frontend design, testing, and security measures. 

Typically, a full blockchain game development project can start from a minimum of $50,000 and may go up to approximately $100,000 or more, depending on the complexity and scope of the game.

You can choose the best web3 game development company that aligns with your project requirement and budget by evaluating the factors mentioned above.

For more information on our blockchain game development process and costing, connect with our web3 experts now! 

Systango As A Web3 Game Development Company

Systango As A Web3 Game Development Company

Web 3 Game Consulting

At Systango, we provide top-notch web3 game development consulting services. Our goal is to assist new entrants in the web3 world to successfully launch their games on the web3 platform without any interruptions or problems.

Web 3 Game Development

Our experienced team specialises in web3 game development. We transform your web3 gaming ideas into reality efficiently and effectively. We aim to ensure a smooth launch on the futuristic web3 game platform.

Custom Game Development

We offer custom game development services tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need action, adventure, or any other genre, our proficient team delivers high-quality games to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Creation Of Avatars

Immersive gaming experiences are our priority. Through our innovative avatar creation service, we bring your games to life. Our team combines artistic creativity with the latest animation tools and technologies to create hyper-realistic avatars.

Development Of Smart Contracts

Our smart contract development services automate the trading of in-game assets. This simplifies the process, making it secure and convenient for gamers. 

Creation Of NFT Marketplaces

We help create highly functional NFT marketplaces that seamlessly integrate with your web3 games. These marketplaces offer gamers a platform for easy buying, selling, and transferring in-game digital assets without any complications.

Development & Integration Of Wallets

Security and convenience are paramount & our team develops robust and secure web3 wallets, integrating them into web3 games. Web3 wallets enable easy crypto transactions and ensure convenient storage and retrieval of digital assets within the games.

Token Creation

As part of our web3 game development services, we design and develop tokens with all the necessary features and functionalities on your chosen blockchain.

Web3 Game Porting

We offer web3 game porting services, allowing gaming businesses to migrate their games from the web2 platform to the web3 platform. 

Discover the limitless possibilities of web3 game development by partnering with us. Our team of experts will bring your dream web3 game to life, unlocking its full potential. Contact us now to embark on your web3 gaming journey.

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