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Football Fan

A football fan-owned platform that was oversubscribed
by 314% in its crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube.
We helped them build unique digital tokens called
FanCoin, a fungible digital token stored
on the TRON blockchain.

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Case Study: Football Fan Platform | Blockchain Development | Systango
Case Study: Ethereum Splitter | Blockchain Development | Systango
Ethereum Splitter

The platform allows senders to pay multiple people at
once by sending Ethereum or ERC20 tokens to a single
address and reducing gas burn in comparison to
multiple transaction costs. Each contract between
sender and receiver is modelled as a smart
contract that gets created and deployed on the fly
as you sign up on the platform.

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The first NFT enabled ticketing primary and secondary
marketplace that allows individuals to purchase
event tickets, eliminating black markets, and adding
revenue for event organizers and artists, while ensuring
fair prices for the fans. Each event ticket is
an NFT powered by Flow blockchain.

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Case Study: Veraticket | Blockchain Development | Systango
Blockchain Solutions And Crypto | Blockchain Development | Systango

Blockchain Solutions And Crypto. We Truly Believe In Web3 And The World Of Decentralization.

Being early birds in the blockchain revolution, we have helped startups, and enterprises seamlessly adopt Blockchain technology. We bring the right mix of capabilities and technical skills to your unique needs, strategic vision, and infrastructure. Owing to our expertise across all the major Blockchain platforms including Ethereum, Flow, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Tron, Polygon and having served various industries, we bring a strong experience of mature production implementations for global businesses.

Understanding the business and requirements, we follow a multidisciplinary approach to provide customized Blockchain development and token rollout services— starting with strategy assessment, rapid prototyping, solution design, complex implementation to third-party integration, add-ons and entire ecosystem management to help you stay focused and maximize your transformation.

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Blockchain Development Platforms We Majorly Work on

As leading blockchain app developers, we work with all popular blockchain and smart contract platforms along with developing custom blockchain solutions.

Our Blockchain Application Development Process.

We convert your ideas into applications that are scalable and reliable. Our blockchain developers follow a failproof process to test quickly and get product maturity at an early stage. With the experience of building 20+ blockchain-powered solutions, we have tailored our process to align with the constant evolution of blockchain technology.

Our Blockchain Development
Services Includes It All!

Our development experience on blockchain spans a wide range of services, including Blockchain app development, DEX integration, NFT rollouts, and smart contract development. We have addressed everything, from verifying the processes before they go live to assisting startups and businesses in raising an ICO.

  • Smart Contracts Development + Upgradable Smart Contracts

  • ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155

  • NFT Rollouts & Private Marketplace

  • Fungible Token Development

  • Wallet Implementation & integration

  • DeFi Products and dApp Development, dApp Rollout.

  • Exchange Integration

  • Blockchain Analytics

  • StableCoin Rollout

  • wallet
  • decentralized
  • iOS
  • maillist
  • smart-contracts
  • centralized

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We enable enterprises of all sizes to enhance their performance, lower cost, and eliminate third-party interference and technical bottlenecks. Our blockchain development services result in end-to-end automation and other business requirements.

Our blockchain developers have helped explore some innovative use cases of blockchain and are continuously upskilling so that they can help provide enterprise-grade blockchain app development services ensuring transparency & immutability over a distributed ledger.

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Boost your dev capacity with an agile “10x” Blockchain development team, managed by the leading tech partner in the Asia Pacific.

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Not sure about how to convert your idea into a dApp or what’s the next step? Don’t worry! Our Blockchain development team in London can help you.

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