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Android: Technology on Fingertip


“Stop driving fast dude, let’s find some place to hangout.” I told Varun, who was driving insanely but with amazing steering skills.

“Up for a movie?”, Shachi suggested.

“Yeah. But neither we have a booking, nor we know show timings.” It was weekend, and we had no source of information at that point of time.

“Let me check it out on my phone.” Varun snapped.



Yes, Android. The current hottest stuff in the market. Zillions of devices are powered today by Android, largest installed base of any mobile platform, it is incredibly moving ahead of any other technology. I am no gadget lover, yet I see it as most fascinating technology, be it gmail or angry birds or any other application, the marketplace of Android is open and has created vibes of refreshment.

Systango’s latest release in Android market is ‘That’s Suspicious Behavior’, acronym as TSB. This app let’s you highlight any suspicious activity around you. It’s a virtual community watch. You can report any such event directly by calling 911. Also, you can alert your friends about it. Gone are the days, when cops were the only way to safeguard us.

It was different when the journey of Android started. Now the scenario is changed. With the emerging new versions of Android like Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Beans, it has achieved a third dimension. And yet, there is a lot more to come. All you have to do is, keep your phone on your fingertip – Android!

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