Facing These Business Challenges?

Facing These Business Challenges? Facing These Business Challenges?

Generative AI-Driven Solution For
Data Transformation.

Unleash powerful business insights from your existing data (of any size!). YLabs-BI empowers you to leverage the power of Gen AI directly on your data sources, eliminating the need for time-consuming ingestion. Our fully secure and governed platform seamlessly integrates with your applications and websites via SDKs, providing a flexible solution for data-driven decision-making across your organisation.

AI-Driven Insight Generation

AI-Driven Insight Generation

Harness Gen AI to uncover hidden patterns in your data, transforming it into clear, actionable insights with powerful visualisations.

Customisable Dashboards

Customisable Dashboards

Build tailored AI-powered dashboards with the visualisations and metrics that matter most to your business goals.

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Leverage Gen AI-powered forecasting to anticipate trends, optimise resource allocation, and gain a competitive edge.

Highly Scalable


The platform seamlessly scales to accommodate your evolving data needs, ensuring peak performance regardless of data volume or complexity.

Custom LLM Compatibility

Custom LLM Compatibility

Gain flexibility by choosing from a range of open-source LLM models (e.g., GPT, Gemini, Llama2, Falcon).

Deploy Your Way

Your Way

Choose the deployment option that best suits your needs. On-premise, SDKs, or private/hybrid cloud solutions hosted by leading providers are available.

Seamless Integration


Streamline your data journey with rapid implementation and effortless
integration with existing tools and data sources (via SDK).

Secured Data Governance

Secured Data Governance

The platform incorporates best practices like RLS, CLS, and robust governance frameworks to ensure the protection of sensitive and PII data.

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Custom IDP & BI as SaaS Solution

“Custom IDP & BI as SaaS Solution”

Envistudios launched Documente (IDP) and Infomente (BI) as SaaS solutions using YLabs' versatile platform. YLabs-BI facilitated a faster, more scalable market launch with the flexibility for Envistudios to customise for specific user needs. This partnership enabled Envistudios to bring their document processing and data analysis offerings to market faster, with greater scalability and flexibility.

Custom IDP & BI as SaaS Solution

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