Diener Law

A software and strategy to boost the growth of a law firm by upto 400%.


Setup team of 4 Zoho Certified Experts to migrate from the existing platform to Zoho based platform.

Setup team of 2 data scientist to look at data, snowflake and derive meaningful insights.

Objective Of Diener Law.

Diener Law is a software for law firms currently used across the USA. Firms using Diener Law have recorded increase in revenues by 200%, 300% even 400%!

Diener Law offers solutions for law firms to manage intake and retention of new clients. With a huge demand for their solution, they started to experience bottlenecks and needed to shift from their current systems.

Diener Law

Our Solution.

Our team of 5+ Zoho certified experts worked with Diener Law technology team to build a fully-integrated solution for them and helped them migrate from their current system to Zoho. We are also involved at looking at the data and build meaningful insights. The team has now become integral to the Diener Law internal technology team reporting into their CTO, CEO and CMO.

Diener Law


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