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ArrowUp Toolkit is a comprehensive online training platform designed to help restaurant management teams streamline their safety, compliance, and leadership training programs. With a user-friendly interface, interactive checklists, and gamified dashboard, ArrowUp Training provides a comprehensive tool kit that enables restaurant teams to enhance their training processes and improve operational efficiency.


Interactive Safety Checklists

Specific Dashboards for Team & Broker

Fully Functional Training Platform

Objective Of ArrowUp.

Arrowup imagined a SaaS-based compliance manager for Restaurants, which can act as a complete toolkit for all types of restaurants.
They had a list of features to be embedded within this SaaS-based platform. Moreover, the plan was to provide features on a subscription-based model for restaurants.


Our Solution.

Our team of experts worked closely with ArrowUp to conceptualize and implement a custom-built training platform. By leveraging our expertise in architecture, development, and design, we developed a comprehensive toolkit that includes a gamified dashboard, interactive checklists, and an online platform for foundational or micro-learning.  Our team delivered a SaaS service that helps restaurants meet OSHA compliance regulations through easy-to-fill-out forms, checklists, SCORM courses and ongoing micro-training check-ups. Following were the key features embedded in the platform:

  • Best-in-Class Training: Training delivery using a structured training schedule, which delivers role-based training, and tracks a location’s progress.
  • Interactive Safety Checklists: Weekly safety checklists that help keep you safe and OSHA compliant.
  • Team Dashboard: The safety leader dashboard, tracks the team’s ongoing participation in real-time. Drive transparency, accountability and feedback.
  • Broker Dashboard: The broker view details the compliance information for the respective locations of an insurance broker and helps them gain valuable insights.


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