Climate Savers

Climate Savers is a revolutionary fintech platform that rewards both the users and the environment. Users get cashback for every penny they spend with a net-zero-emission brand. Once the users have saved 20 EUR, GBP, USD, or CAN, they can move the money back to their bank account.


Fully Functional Platform

Successful API Integrations

Objective Of Climate Savers.

The stakeholders of Climate Savers reached out to us with a new concept of encouraging users to make green purchases by actually rewarding them with attractive cashback. The idea of this Climate Tech application was to deliver a single solution for both B2B and B2C eco-conscious clients. Companies can leverage it as a way to promote their brand as a net-zero-emission company and individuals can use it to get cashback for their green purchases and keep track of their carbon footprint.

Climate Savers

Our Solution.

We built an application with the goal of rewarding users for making a green purchase. The user’s bank account info was synced with the platform via AIS/PIS to fetch all the transactions and identify a green purchase made on this card. Green purchase refers to purchasing something which has less impact on the environment, like using an e-bike instead of uber.

  • A website infrastructure was created from scratch to simplify users getting rewards for their green purchase
  • Streamlined user registration with credit cards and provide bank account data via AIS/PIS to pull details of the transactions.
  • Set up a system to confirm if the transactions made can actually be counted as a green purchase by comparing the transaction details with a set database.
  • It is built on Node js, Postgres, Mongoose and Salesforce

Climate Savers


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