CredWorthy is a UK-centric platform that targets unsecured loans between family and friends, especially the ones with substantial APRs. CredWorthy aims to link lenders and borrowers in a contractual relationship. For this, we helped them develop a single platform where both lenders and borrowers receive guarantees regarding loans and repayments. CredWorthy has already identified a number of scenarios in which loans go awry and either party is dissatisfied.


Fully Functional Product

Successful Equifax integration

Objective Of CredWorthy.

To run a unified platform for lenders and borrowers, the whole experience on the platform is made simple and accessible. Credworthy reached out to Systango to use the power of online contract signing and open banking integrations to deliver guarantees around the contract.

In order to build the desired experience on Credworthy, some high-level components were developed including:

  • Public website as the first point of contact
  • Front-end portal for users (personalized for lenders and borrowers)
  • Back office portal for maintenance and grievance management
  • Set up an open banking link provider
  • Establish a functional contract signing service
  • Integrate a payment gateway


Our Solution.

With AWS as the underlying infrastructure, our team created a seamless user experience for registering, sharing, and tracking loans on Credworthy. The Systango team leveraged microservice architecture to reduce the processing time of the operations on the platform. Further, the delivery process was automated with CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins.

The following solutions were implemented to address the objectives of the project:

  • Website was developed on WordPress
  • The account portal was set up using Angular 10
  • Postgres was integrated to store data for the application
  • Third-party integrations of TrueLayer, Stripe, eSigngenie, and Equifax were accomplished
  • AWS CloudWatch was used to provide a console for backend monitoring



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