Cuentas refers to itself as the bank of people. They provide a prepaid debit card to meet the needs of unlisted and underbanked users in the united states. The Cuentas debit cards make it easy for such users to shop online, pay bills and make payments for their daily purchases.


Fully Functional Product

Successful API Integrations

Objective Of Cuentas.

The task was to build a mobile application for Mexican Americans, who can get a prepaid card to meet their daily needs. The main purpose of creating a mobile app was to deliver the most asked features by the target audience of owning a debit card including no credit check, no direct fee deposit, and checking their balance at any time to stay in control of their money. Additionally, the Cuentas mobile app was to be provided with features around processing payments to let the users conveniently make online purchases and payments for their bills and groceries. Below are the objectives that were set for the project:



Our Solution.

Post the initial analysis of the requirements of the project, a proper knowledge transfer session was taken to get a better understanding of the backend (the Knetik platform) of Cuentas. After a proper cognition of the backend processes, the mobile application development team at Systango finalized the solution of developing an android and iOS application for Cuentas and finalized ReactNative as its frontend technology. The following features were added to the platform:

  • Integration of InComm Payments for delivering cards to users,
  • Integration of Auris for recharging prepaid debit cards,
  • Integration of Western Union for enabling wire transfer on the platform
  • BillPay services using CITI’s BillPay API


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