Envistudios envisioned building a solution to modernise information management through heaps of business documents. They partnered with Systango to customise their YLabs-IDP solution and build Documente. This AI-powered platform lets users ask questions in natural language, extracting answers directly from documents. Documente streamlines information retrieval and facilitates data-driven decision-making.


AI-powered Search

Intelligent Document Analysis

Knowledge Base Creation

Conversational Interface

Google Cloud Integration

Successful SaaS Launch

Objective Of Documente.

Envistudios, a company striving for efficient information management, needed a solution to streamline document processing and knowledge retrieval. Traditionally, searching through documents took time and effort. They envisioned an AI-powered platform to analyse various document formats, extract key information, and answer user queries in natural language.


Our Solution.

As Envistudios’ trusted transformation partner, Systango leveraged its expertise in Google Cloud technologies to build Documente, an intelligent document processing platform. This comprehensive solution addressed Envistudios’ requirements through the following functionalities:

  • Natural Language Q&A: Documente allows users to ask questions about uploaded documents (PDFs, Google Docs, Word files, etc.) in natural language. This eliminates the need for keyword searches and manual document review.
  • Intelligent Document Analysis: Powered by Google Vertex AI and DocumentAI, Documente extracts key data points and insights from uploaded documents. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures accuracy.
  • Knowledge Base Creation: Documente facilitates the creation of a knowledge base by extracting data from websites and text files. This centralised repository empowers users to access crucial information easily.
  • Conversational Chatbot Interface: Built on top of Google Gemini Chat service, Documente offers a user-friendly chatbot interface. Users can interact with the knowledge base through natural language queries, fostering a seamless user experience.



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