A Compact & Convenient Breathalyser.


$5 million seed valuation in 9 months.

Startup success on Kickstarter and IndieGogo

Objective Of DrinkMate.

DrinkMate is a smartphone application that detects your BAC. It also lets you discover restaurants offering happy hour deals in your area.
It is dubbed as “The smallest, most convenient breathalyser in the world” by TechCrunch.


Our Solution.

Edge Tech Labs was initially funded by about 3000 pre-orders of their first product, DrinkMate, via Kickstarter, which was positioned as the lowest-cost breathalyser in the market.

As they did not have enough knowledge as to how the app will interact with the devices, they needed a smart team with tech expertise and passion. This is where Systango came in.

Keeping the notion of simplicity in mind, we developed Drinkmate iOS app right from the scratch. We created different mockups, followed by coding, interfacing and debugging to create a best-fit solution. For DrinkMate, data connection between the phone and the peripheral device was extremely important. The engineering of the iOS app included a laundry list of Apple based certifications and specifications that needed to be followed which Systango did and came up with a robust, successful solution including-

  • Happy hour hunter
  • Map functionality to find nearby happy hour deals
  • Breathalyser to estimate and display Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)


Next Cases.


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