FootballFan App

Oversubscribed by 314% in its crowdfunding campaign, Football Fan App is home to zealous football fans from around the world. It is one-of-a-kind app that combines SportsTech with a plethora of business opportunities for the football industry such as merchandise, advertising, gaming and more.


Analysis of Blockchain Platforms

Finalizing right blockchain technology

Platform Architecture Consultation

Objective Of FootballFan App.

Football Fan App offers engaging and informative content on football, which includes the latest news, videos, photos, podcasts, text-only posts, live scores and much more. The app also aims at providing numerous business opportunities for the football industry such as advertising, merchandise, travel, streaming, gaming and more. They aimed at launching something to reward their users with new-gen tech.

The Football Fan App team desired to add blockchain-based reward points and required assistance in determining the right blockchain technology that will be the most suitable pick for creating this one-of-a-kind application.

FootballFan App

Our Solution.

We analysed the requirements and performed thorough research on different types of blockchain platforms to finalize TRON as the best-suited blockchain platform. Also, we suggested the technologies that best meet their requirement and proposed a comprehensive architecture for the rollout of a blockchain-based reward points system. We consulted them to build unique digital tokens called FanCoin, a fungible digital token stored on the TRON blockchain.

FootballFan App


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