World’s Largest Social Networking Platform for LGBTQ Community.


57 Million users.

192 Countries On Black Friday.

3.8 Million DAU's successfully accommodated.

Objective Of Grindr.

Grindr is a centralized social platform frequently accessed by LGBTQ community to connect and socialize with like-minded individuals.

The app has millions of daily users who use its advanced location-based technology in almost every country in every corner of the planet.


Our Solution.

The app missed out on some crucial functionalities and was not able to manage the high volume of traffic. Our developers took the charge to improve the reliability, stability, and scalability of the platform. The team was responsible for testing (both manual & automation) and managing builds for the production environment.

  • Our team contributed to build & improve app functionalities and UX.
  • We were involved in rewriting the chat integration system.
  • We worked on chat screens that uses MongooseIM.
  • We performed end to end testing of their app on both the iOS and Android platforms to ensure clients objectives were met.


Next Cases.


Tateossian London is a leading brand known for its unique, refined and meticulously crafted accessories for men and women. Our digital marketing specialists helped them build and implement a sales funnel that increased ROAS by 40%


An IoT building intelligence system that picks up the temperature, humidity, and gas increases in buildings. Detects sudden changes in sound, light, and motion-based on machine learning algorithms and gets smarter with usage.

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