IoT based intelligence system that gets smarter everyday!


Adopted by 600+ buildings

One-of-its-kind app that provides data for temperature, humidity and gas increases in building

Objective Of Junction.

The client needed a system that can gather real-time data of the building systems and produce intelligent actions. This enables superintendents, building owners and property managers to keep tabs on how the building is performing and get greener.


Our Solution.

Harnessing the power of IoT, we created a system that picks up the temperature, humidity, and gas increases in buildings. Detects sudden changes in sound, light, and motion-based on machine learning algorithms and gets smarter with usage and allows you to access real-time data. The system comprises the Node.JS based components that run on the sensors. For Dashboard, we used React.JS, an Analytics engine is written in Python and Mongo and Postgres are employed for the Database.


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