Kelley Kronenberg

Kelley Kronenberg is a multi-practice law firm with more than 175 attorneys and multiple locations in Florida and across the United States. Systango helped with a custom-built online portal; a one stop solution where clients would get details around their cases, status, make payments, and review documents. We are also helping them build dashboards and reports on how the cases are moving, revenues against different categories, and department wise performances.

Helped understand departments in the red and built strategy for bringing them to profit.

Objective Of Kelley Kronenberg.

Kelley Kronenberg is a multi-practice law firm in the US with over 175attorneys, 14 locations, and 12 offices in Florida and across the United States.

They required consulting and development service to streamline their processes with a cloud-based portal functioning as a one-stop solution for their clients to review case details, check status, and make payments to help them make informed decisions based on insights from their data. Moreover, they aimed at maintaining a customised admin dashboard for their internal case management. They also needed reporting and analytics of how they were performing.

Kelley Kronenberg

Our Solution.

The Kelley Kronenberg portal was divided into two applications; one for the client and the other for internal staff of the company. The clients were provided with a front end of logging in to the portal and receiving all the information about their cases and making payments. Whereas, the admin portal was custom-developed to embed some requested functionalities.

With 40+ years in the industry, the project had a huge pool of data and they projected a huge surge in the coming years. The online portal was designed to be horizontally and vertically scalable to ensure user traffic is handled appropriately without impacting the user experience.

Kelley Kronenberg


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