Rolled out a sleek iPad App and CMS in record 3 weeks time and helped Porsche capture 389 leads in the first day of trade expo.

Rolled out a sleek iPad App 3 Weeks Flat!

This was then used at the International Grand Motor Sale 2017 and helped Porsche generated 389 Leads in 1 Day!

Objective Of Porsche.

As part of aggressive expansion strategy in Australia and Thailand, Porsche wanted to consolidate its sales funnel and capture data right at the expo. Tradeshows being their biggest engagement platform, they needed an iPad App that could work with intermittent internet connection (offline & online behaviour) and CMS to manage the content.


Our Solution.

We started the build with a research and planning phase that included software architecture document, analysis of wireframes, designs and development. We published the app using Apple Enterprise license and used AWS for deployment of backend services.

The biggest challenge in the project was to accomodate different timezones, deal with various stakeholders like Porsche appointed Cyclone 42, work on the weekends. Yet we managed to push a beautiful product out in 3 weeks!



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