Rewards Flight Finder

This web app helps users find available seats on British Airways flights by sending alerts for preferred travel dates via email, SMS, or push notifications. It updates every 20 minutes, sending notifications instantly, hourly, or daily based on user subscriptions. It also allows users to merge loyalty points from different airlines, view seat availability across cabin classes and peak/off-peak dates, and manage reward points based on their balance.


Multiple API Integrations

Airline Data Collection Bots Development

Monolithic to Microservices Transition

Predictive ML Model Integration

CMS Implementation

Objective Of Rewards Flight Finder.

The platform aims to modernise and enhance the reward seat search experience for users. The objectives include:

Rewards Flight Finder

Our Solution.

To achieve the objectives, Systango meticulously executed the following tasks:

  • Frontend Revamp: Redesigned the entire web application frontend using React, creating a faster, more user-friendly single-page application.
  • Backend Transition & Microservices: Migrated backend to NodeJS from RoR, implementing microservices for scalability.
  • CMS Implementation: Integrated Strapi for enhanced flexibility and scalability in content management.
  • Bots Orchestrated: Developed new bots and integrated them with a Bot Orchestrator to collect real-time seat availability data from multiple airlines like Avios, Air Miles, Flyer Miles, etc.
  • Predictive ML Model: Integrated a machine learning model to predict seat availability based on routes, dates, passenger counts and cabin classes.
  • Data Warehouse: Set up a data warehouse to store historical data for analysis and model improvement.

Through innovative tech integration and meticulous execution, Systango enhanced the web app’s scalability, user experience, and predictive capabilities. This ensured a seamless transition, transforming the reward seat search experience.

Rewards Flight Finder


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