Inventive Identity Authentication Platform.


Global Innovator in Biometrics as a Service by Markets and Markets, 2017.

Finalists for Business Innovation and Business of the Year (Best New Business Awards, 2018).

Shortlisted for Mobile and Security Innovation of the Year (National Technology Awards, 2018).

Objective Of SmilePass.

SmilePass is a robust cloud-based biometric security solution that helps insurers and financial services providers protect both the companies and their customers from social engineering, fraud, and theft. This flexible solution aims to reduce theft-related costs and build customer trust.


Our Solution.

The SmilePass team wanted to build a robust SaaS Platform dedicated to taking identity verification management to a whole new level.

Our team started from understanding the security models of the systems in the market and how biometrics could be used to enhance technological, managerial, social and ethical angles. We helped create this unique platform that comprises 4 biometric authentication modules. Companies can analyze their requirements and choose the option that befits their requirements.

The government of Kwara State in Nigeria has partnered with SmilePass to launch a Universal Health Insurance Program which will provide primary medical care to three million residents with facial recognition.



Next Cases.


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Kelley Kronenberg

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