Space and Time

Space and Time Studio is a groundbreaking decentralized application (dapp) frontend designed to facilitate the exploration of blockchain data. Users can access real-time blockchain data from significant chains like Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Sui, and Avalanche. It empowers users to seamlessly navigate blockchain information, execute queries, and create custom-branded dashboards effortlessly.


Multichain Data Indexing & Streaming

Custom Dashboard UI Creation

Blockchain Data Indexing

Joining On/Off-Chain Data

On-Chain SQL Publishing

Smart Contract Interaction

Trustless Data Exchange

OpenAI-Powered Data Chatbot

Objective Of Space and Time.

The objective of the project is to create a hybrid transactional/analytic (HTAP) data warehouse that seamlessly integrates blockchain data from major chains and off-chain datasets. SxT aims to provide a decentralized environment that empowers applications, dashboards, machine learning, and data science, making it more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective for Web3 development. It also introduces “Proof of SQL,” a novel zk-proof mechanism, to ensure query accuracy and data tamperproofness, allowing smart contracts to interact with data across chains and off-chain sources in a trustless and cryptographically guaranteed manner.

Below are the quick objectives that were set for the tech team at Systango:

Space and Time

Our Solution.

Our solution involved developing an intuitive interface, integrating the OpenAI-powered Houston chatbot for natural language interaction, and normalizing blockchain data. Users could personalize dashboards and effortlessly publish queries to various platforms, empowering them to unlock the potential of blockchain data. The solutions below collectively form the foundation of the Space and Time (SxT) project, delivering a comprehensive data environment tailored for the needs of Web3 development and secure, efficient data interaction.

  • User-Friendly Interface: With our UX team, we created a user-friendly interface/dashboard that allows users to explore blockchain data, run queries, and load their own data by simply connecting their wallets.
  • OpenAI-Powered Chatbot: Integration of the Houston chatbot, powered by OpenAI, enabled users to generate SQL commands from natural language inputs, simplifying the querying process.
  • Hybrid Data Warehousing: Implemented a hybrid transactional/analytic (HTAP) data warehouse with row-based OLTP in-memory caching for extreme throughput and column-based GPU-accelerated OLAP for elastic scale-out.
  • Decentralized Data Environment: Created a decentralized data environment that empowers applications, dashboards, machine learning, and data science, simplifying Web3 development and reducing associated costs.
  • Blockchain Data Integration: Preloaded blockchain data from major chains (Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Sui, Avalanche), facilitating seamless integration with off-chain datasets from various sources, including databases, data warehouses, object storage, applications, and game servers.
  • Flexible Data Transformation: Enabled users to flexibly transform their data and execute ad hoc queries within the Space and Time (SxT) environment.
  • Low-Latency API Access: Developed the capability to publish query results to new API endpoints, ensuring low-latency access for decentralized applications (dapps) to efficiently utilize the data.
  • Proof of SQL: Introduced “Proof of SQL” as a novel zk-proof mechanism, ensuring the accuracy of queries and the verifiable tamperproofness of both queries and underlying data.
  • Trustless Data Interaction: Enabled smart contracts to interact with data on their own chain, other chains, and off-chain sources in a trustless and cryptographically guaranteed manner, enhancing data security and trust across the ecosystem.


Space and Time


Next Cases.


Veraticket builds an NFT ticketing platform to buy, sell and trade event tickets.

Squirrel Hub

Squirrel Hub, a consultancy that provides CRM focussed advisory, strategy and integrations to other businesses – relies on Systangos engineers for their CRM integration Expertise.

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