SSI Agroworld

The platform is designed to revolutionise international trade in agricultural commodities. It serves as a comprehensive solution for buyers, sellers, and businesses within the industry, offering automation tools, data analytics, and a successful marketplace to enhance trade efficiency and profitability.


Global Agricultural Marketplace

User-friendly Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) for End Users

Multiple Interactive Portals

Accounting Software Integration

Objective Of SSI Agroworld.

The platform aims to establish a leading international marketplace for agricultural commodities. Its objectives include:

SSI Agroworld

Our Solution.

To achieve the objectives, Systango developed a comprehensive suite of applications to facilitate efficient and streamlined trade in agricultural commodities.

  • Mobile Application for End Users
    • Facilitates lead filtering and partner identification.
    • Streamlines lead approval, meeting management, and reassignment.
  • Web Portal for Trade Processing
    • Enables trade creation, approval, and cancellation via BUSY accounting.
    • Facilitates trade addendum processes.
  • Documentation Portal for Teams
    • Offers a dashboard for contract and documentation management.
    • Tracks shipment progress, and manages shipping/vessel and payment statuses.
    • Facilitates claim management.
  • Admin Portal
    • Comprehensive management of users, leads, categories, products, and escalations.
    • Manages core data entities and handles task reassignment.

Using advanced technologies like Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift), Laravel, and MySQL, Systango delivered a robust solution that empowers businesses and streamlines global agricultural commodities trade, enhancing efficiency and fostering growth.

SSI Agroworld


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