Efficient Building Notification Management.


Recipient of NSW Government Technology Grants for Innovation.

Awarded with Westpac Business of Tomorrow Top 200 for 2018.

System is being used in 105+ office buildings.

Objective Of Stratalert.

Strata Alert is a next-gen Building Notification Management system. It is the easiest way for owners, tenants and office workers to keep up to date for any maintenance and health issues.


Our Solution.

Working with the recipient of the NSW Government Technology Grants for Innovation in creating “Smart City” Products.

The team wanted to create an efficient communication platform for owners, tenants, workers and strata managers in office buildings. They wanted to transform the Strata Management sector and pilot other programs creating “Smart Cities”. For this, Systango had to head on with two challenges-

  • First, the idea and scope of the project were not defined.
  • Second, there were Multiple Actors and Multiple Platforms involved which made it difficult to decide features.

Since the idea and scope of the project were not clearly defined, we had to do intensive research and planning. We created a checklist of features for each factor on each platform to proceed with wireframing and development.

We are proud of our developers because our clients had zero technical proficiency but our developers took them through each step of the way..!



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