USA’s first NFT ticketing marketplace that allows event organizers and artists to take control of events ticketing. It allows organizers to seamlessly create their own blockchain backed events. Moreover, users can purchase, resell, or trade tickets for live events on the platform.


Developed NFT trade platform from scratch

System to generate NFT-based tickets

Structure to pay Royalty on ticket resale

Objective Of Veraticket.

The idea of Veraticket is to develop a unique platform that eliminates black markets and boosts revenue for artists and event organizers while ensuring fair prices for ticket purchasers. The platform also strives to provide royalties to organizers and artists on each resell.

The client required a blockchain-based NFT ticketing marketplace where event organizers and artists can list and publicise their events and users can purchase the NFT-based tickets. The aim of creating an NFT-based event ticket is also to encourage users to own or trade them as collectables.


Our Solution.

We assisted Veraticket with end to end development of the platform. A team of blockchain experts took charge of analysing diverse blockchain platforms and tools to pick the right blockchain development platform, attributes, functionalities, and design for Veraticket. The team assisted stakeholders in developing the desired platform both on the front end and back end. Our QA team conducted comprehensive pre-launch testing of entire deployed programs. Currently, we are supporting Veraticket with the maintenance of the platform and feedback based upgradations or modifications.



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