Next-generation customised video ringtones for all your loved ones!


Raised $7 Million After Series A Funding.

Achieved whopping 5,000,000 downloads.

Objective Of VYNG.

They wanted to get rid of the boring tring..tring.. and make ringtones fun. The startup’s idea was to enable conversations right from the moment a person calls by providing a gallery of viral videos or by building and setting custom video ringtones for your loved ones.


Our Solution.

Incoming calls have long been relegated to generic, inefficacious design that lacks creativity. We designed an app that lets users spruce up their incoming calls with a revolving gallery of dance numbers, frolicking kittens, custom videos or whatever your heart wants! In no time, Vyng raised $7 Million After Series A Funding.


Next Cases.


Dubbed as ‘the smallest, most convenient breathalyzer in the world’ by TechCrunch which measures your Blood Alcohol Content level and tells you if you are safe to drive.

Standard Normal Energy

Built a TradeTech platform for traders to bid and offer on Energy Market Portals.

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