WeDeliver serves as a personal errand assistant, addressing various needs. With an extensive catalog of over 25,000 ethnic grocery items and AI-powered algorithms for price optimization, WeDeliver covers all shopping needs. Its standout feature “Pick & Drop”, allows people to effortlessly send packages from one location to another for a minimal fee, while the "Make a List" feature enables users to create shopping lists that WeDeliver will purchase and deliver directly to their doorstep. WeDeliver is dedicated to making life more convenient and efficient for its users.


Comprehensive Platform

AI-Driven Enhancement

Global Search Excellence

Objective Of WeDeliver.

Our project’s mission was clear: transform a traditional e-commerce concept into a modern, customer-centric marvel. We aimed to provide users with a seamless, personalized shopping experience on the platform while simplifying project management for our clients.


Our Solution.

Our approach to developing WeDeliver’s e-commerce platform was comprehensive and user-centric. We constructed a robust infrastructure comprising a mobile application and a website, starting from the very foundation. Leveraging the power of AI through the OpenAI API, we implemented automated tagging within Elasticsearch, resulting in superior product listings. Furthermore, our commitment to global search excellence is evident in WeDeliver’s search feature, which enhances user connectivity by making searches more relatable and efficient. The top highlights of our comprehensive solution include:

  • End-to-End Development: We covered everything from initial discovery
    to website and app development.
  • User Persona Applications: Six distinct applications (including
    customer app, delivery partner app, vendor and admin portal) were
    designed to cater to diverse user needs.
  • AI-Powered Tagging: OpenAI’s API empowered us to automate
    product tagging in Elasticsearch.
  • Intuitive Global Search: Our search functionality was refined to provide
    a personalized, efficient experience.

Our journey with “WeDeliver” didn’t end with the launch. We’re committed to maintaining the platform, ensuring it stays ahead of the curve and continues to deliver an exceptional shopping experience.



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