Youtility aims at helping consumers control their household subscriptions & reduce their Carbon footprint. It is a subscription management application that enables users to gain insights, analytics and embedded functionality enabling them to control, manage and save on their energy, broadband, digital TV and mobile contracts.


Reduced monitoring & logging cost by 75%

Supports 19+ banks including Barclays and Amex

Objective Of Youtility.

Youtility is a one-stop solution to make subscription management simple, accessible and informative. It utilizes open banking to compile the users’ energy, broadband, insurance, digital TV, mobile contracts and other household finance details in one place. The tool provides detailed insights into monthly outgoings, helps users compare the bills across different providers and also enables them to switch energy suppliers.

Youtility required a robust and secure web interface through which they could deliver energy insights and analytics for their clients.


Our Solution.

We built a web interface for this subscription management tool to deliver a comprehensive proprietary data analytics. The interface was designed to help consumers take embedded action based on the data related to household finance. Ultimately, helping the app users to better manage and control their monthly bills. Currently, Youtility has connected to 19 different banks, including Barclays and Amex, which means that users can also add their credit cards to the app.


Next Cases.


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