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An on-demand connected learning platform that
delivers engaging, consistent training, with the
ability to drill down to see how everyone is
performing. With clients like Mcdonald's, BP, and Baker
Hughes, we work with 3T and help build a fully flexible
and scalable workforce development platform.

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Case Study: 3T Transform Store - Dot Net Development Services - Systango
Case Study: Muse - Dot Net Application Development - Systango

Muse Diagnostics is a Medical Device and Health Data
Analytics company. Taal Digital Stethoscope with an iOS
and Android app helps health professionals diagnose
their patients with the aid of technology. Platform and
App capture patient’s body sounds in high definition
and then allow data storage, sharing, and analysis

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We have helped build Zeriscope, a patented web-based
mobile technology platform that leverages live interactive
video and streams real-time physiological and environmental
sensor data to enable a wide range of new and
impactful medical treatments and protocols.

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Case Study: Zeriscope - Dot Net Application Development - Systango
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Hire .NET Developers To Build Enterprise Grade Applications.

As a leading .NET development agency, our .NET developers have built and deployed 50+ enterprise-grade applications across various platforms — desktop, web, and cross-platform. We combine your domain knowledge with our digital expertise to build better products faster. Our aim is to create value at all the stages of product development– from design and testing to deployment and maintenance.

We, at Systango, use ASP.NET Core to build Web Apps and .NET Core for high-performing applications. We use Blazor for building single-page apps. Hiring some of our best .NET developers will ensure a seamless web experience for your clients. Our .NET developers hold profound expertise in core & advanced .NET technologies to facilitate agile development of growth-centric web applications for your business.

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.NET Development Services We Provide

Whether you need to develop a dynamic website, eCommerce website, business portal, CRM solutions, our .NET developers hold the expertise to render scalable, high-performance, and bespoke .NET development services for enterprises and startups alike.

.NET Web Application Development

.NET has been our bread and butter since the beginning. We have been recognized for building lightweight, stable, future-ready, scalable and secure web applications. Whether it’s a simple website or a complex web app, we can help you deliver it.

.NET Maintenance And Support

We provide you with robust maintenance and support service, which ensures fast page loading, the glitch-free performance of plugins, automated backup services, reduced downtime, updated software versions, security, and more.

.NET Mobile Application Development

Hire experienced .Net developers who are experts in Xamarin so you can leverage reduced development time by developing hybrid mobile apps for both iOS and Android and respond to market needs 3 X faster.

.NET Legacy System Modernization And Upgradation

App transformation, migration, and code modernization are extremely important and help keep your digital offerings bug free and up to date. We help keep your infrastructure up to date by upgrading your .Net framework versions and their dependencies, ensuring acceptable performance levels, no downtime and no security breaches.

.NET Integration Services

Today, there are hundreds of integrations available like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and more that you can integrate with your existing software. Our .Net developers have the expertise and knowledge to easily integrate various applications within the Microsoft ecosystem and externally.

We Are Recognised As The Leading
Digital Engineering Company.

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We Believe In Security And
Scalability With .NET.

We have been working on .NET for 15+ years. It has been ranked as the #1 most-loved framework on the Stack Overflow Developer Survey in both 2019 and 2020 editions. It is a mature, scalable, high-performance and now also an open-source technology stack!

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.NET Developers.

Need on-demand offshore .NET developers? Would like to augment your c sharp development team? Increase or decrease the size of your development team with relative ease - and get billed only for the time you use.

Don’t Know Where To Begin.

Not sure about how to convert your idea into a digital reality or what’s the next step for your app? Don’t worry! Our .NET developers in London can help you.

Calculate the Cost of Your App.

A perk of working with a leading mobile app development company in London is you get ballpark estimates with no hidden costs or fees right at the start.

Secure Your Funding.

Need to test the profitability and viability of your mobile or web app to secure funding? We have got you! Get started with MVP Development today.

Developing Solutions For A Range Of Business Domains.

We Serve a Wide Range of Industries.

  • Enterprise Mobility

  • Social Networks Apps

  • Fintech Apps

  • Health & Fitness Apps

  • E-Commerce Mobile Apps

  • Music & Entertainment Apps

  • iGaming and Fantasy Sports Apps

  • Education Apps

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