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10 Reasons to Join SYSTANGO!


When I joined Systango, there was so much to do that I couldn’t actually find time to analyze pros & cons of Systango. Now when I’m quite settled and things are pretty streamlined, I can’t actually list down ONLY 10 points. Hmmm… Let’s See! Well a lot of companies will tell you how great they are to work for, but I will tell you what’s true.…

  1. Our Culture: At Systango, the responsibility for ethical behavior is taken seriously – by everyone, at every level. Systango values employee satisfaction just as much as customer satisfaction, and has created a company culture that actively encourages both. We all are from diversified culture yet our VISION are aligned with each other.
  2. Our TeamOur team is young, passionate and highly competitive, and with a proven track record, we are focused and are madly in love with what we do.
  3. Our Working EnvironmentThe work environment is relaxed and very friendly. You just have to meet a few deadlines and you can do that easily even if you are an average performer. So even an average performer at Systango is a STAR.
  4. Mentor and MentoringOur CEO personally mentors and trains our members creating LEADERS. Her expertise and track record of working with affluent clients is second to none. I feel Systango takes great pride in the professional QUALITY of its work.
  5. Retention & SuccessWe take our recruiting and selection process very seriously. We hire employees with a variety of profiles, cultural backgrounds and experiences. This diversity allows us to create high-potential teams (in terms of skills, creativity, competitiveness, collective pride and desire to achieve) that are capable of working on ambitious projects.
  6. The Recognition You DeserveSystango sincerely recognizes individual accomplishments and team successes. Exceptional performance is noted and rewarded. We believe in promoting from within, and encourage our members to take on new challenges. And we stand behind our members with positive mentoring and feedback that accelerate their career path.
  7. Guaranteed Career ProgressWithout the best PEOPLE we cannot be the best FIRM! We encourage our team to develop, build on their skills, define and adjust their career plans as they acquire new experience and make the most of opportunities.
  8. Management has an Open Door PolicyAt Systango we encourage open communication and transparency earnestly.
  9. Entertainment Day (ED)We believe in celebrating every festival with complete joy and excitement with our extended families at work.
  10. 🙂 WEEKENDS! 🙂


  1. Plz tell about salary or CTC that you offer for freshers and if there is any bond that needs to be signed before joining your company.

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