Inaugurating Our New Office – Systango Acquires A New Floor!

Inaugurating Our New Office – Systango Acquires A New Floor!

“Growth Is Never By Mere Chance; It Is The Result Of Forces Working Together.”

Starting with this quote by James Cash Penney, we are very much excited and happy to announce our milestone achievement – Acquisition of a new floor at IT Park Indore!

When we started more than a decade ago, we were a small company, with big ideas. We were ready to take chances, and we were always looking forward to grab opportunities that we could find. As they say, the best teamwork comes from people who are working independently toward one goal in unison; we always worked together towards one definite goal – To expand; To Grow.

When we moved to IT Park Indore in 2015, that was a very big step for us, and now, within 2 years when we acquired another floor; it not only fills us with pride but it has also given us a lot of responsibilities, where the expectation of our clients lies on our shoulders and we are not going to disappoint any of them!

So, coming back to our new office, this time, we have taken an entirely different approach and styled our office in a way Systango is – Standing Out! As happy employees mean happy customers, we have amalgamated the best of both worlds to bring a work space that is truly unique and simply outstanding!

Retro Cafe Look; The Best In IT Park
The entire office is adorned with a look of an old, rustic cafe that gives it a certain enticing vibe which is hard to miss. The moment you step inside the office, it hugs you with warmth and takes you by the hand and you just can’t stop yourself from exploring every corner of it. We have given extra care and have spent countless hours with interior designer, to hit the right balance between work and leisure that has enabled us to come up with an ambiance that gives our new office that signature ‘Systango Vibe’, which is famous for exciting work culture!

Meticulous Detailing and Transparency
We don’t like to work with closed doors or cubicles that confine our members to tight spaces. So, we knocked all the walls down and every barrier that could have chained the freedom of an individual and have replaced them with space and class. There’s always a space in our new office for spontaneous meetings, lunchtime seating, afternoon coffee, or that fresh view when you need a spark. In order to appreciate something that is beautiful, you have to keep it minimalistic yet classy and we have done exactly the same by making sure we have left any stone unturned when it came to detailing. To go with the rusty look of the office, our designer came up with world map vinyl on the windows that signifies our reach and all the clients that we have around the globe.

Better Meeting Place With Bigger Boat To Float!
As our team is constantly evolving and expanding, we wanted them to have a space where they could have their discussions in a much more spaced out manner. More people mean more meetings and more meetings calls for individual corners that could be used for discussions! The new floor has new space to encourage shorter, quicker, more efficient meetings, and provide room for individual client discussion that can be had in a separate room, if need arises. There are quiet booths for Skype calls when a member needs some versatile space. We also gave our boardroom a bit of a makeover to match with the overall funky vibe!

Come on In, The Space’s Open!
The new crib at Systango is now working on its full swing and is attracting loads of eyeballs! We built this office with a vision to provide an experience while keeping our members at the centre stage. This also reflects our values where we always love to work together as a family, listen to each other, and debate passionately to come up with the most effective solution. There is always more to learn at Systango where we talk openly, are serious about the fun and we let things unfold naturally.

We Celebrate With Spontaneous Applause, Put Experience First & Compete With Ourselves.

Our New Office Is An Instant Love. We’re Adding New People Constantly, So Some Spaces Will Surely Take on New Meaning as We Move Forward.

Srinivas Kalyani

February 5, 2018

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