WordPress- an Easy-to-use and Search Engine friendly CMS

Last Updated on: July 21, 2020

WordPress- an Easy-to-use and Search Engine friendly CMS

The word CMS (Content Management System) has created a buzz in the e-commerce industry lately. “Content” is what becomes the foundation of 50 to 60% SEO tactics practiced to get the website rank among top orders. CMS has plenty of benefits to offer to business by helping them manage content on their websites, blogs, eBooks, case studies, white papers and the rest. On the contrary, it is ‘bliss’ for developers and offers them to work on standard codes, thus saving their invaluable time yet creating superior solutions.

From the many available options like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, it often becomes tedious to decide upon which one to opt for. WordPress is the most preferred CMS that is a licence free and open source platform. It serves over 30 million installations globally and is recognised as being the most Search Engine Friendly CMS ever developed.

Highlighted are a few features that get WordPress notable for its ease and user-friendliness-

  • WordPress development comes with a flexibility of utilising abundance of Plug-ins (almost 30,000 including SEO plug-ins) and widgets for enhancing functionalities of the websites and blogs. And then there isn’t an end to this. Being an open source, the count will only elevate and would not add a ‘full stop’ on the developments.
  • WordPress is not just a CMS platform meant to support text heavy blogs and websites. Instead, it is a tool to import, edit, manage and publish pictures, graphics or even videos with embed, link options available at hand.
  • WordPress effortlessly helps in increasing the page ranks of your website by ensuring SEO practices that are ethical. It automatically implements tactics that are acceptable by the most reputed search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and more. Hence, it saves time spent on researching for relevant keywords and proves to be an SEO friendly CMS.
  • Working on WordPress is that easy that many of the website (or blog) owners take charge of developing it on their own. It allows updating or revamping content and design on a website (or blog) with absolutely no pain. But, to hire WordPress developers is always a good option in terms of saving money and repeated efforts. It is solely your call!
  • Today, a business does not just need a website or blog that is accessible only on PC’s. It must be fully functional on all other platforms like mobile phones, tablets, laptops or palmtops. WordPress supports responsive grids. It offers some vibrant and professional themes suiting all types of business needs, making your site or blog futuristic

Not every CMS is easy to use and accessible- and this can be a serious concern to manage a website or blog. You may keep paying the WordPress developers, every single time you need to modify or edit your website. Nonetheless, you can always find somebody to support, maintain and develop websites for you at a competitive price. WordPress is a one-stop solution to empower digital marketing teams of businesses, provide customer satisfaction and improve search engine ranks.

Rishabh Shah

May 21, 2015


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