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Zoho Analytics Partner

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Squirrel Hub

Our engineering team has been working with Squirrel Hub for
more than 5+ years, a Melbourne based Zoho Advanced
Partners that works with businesses to maximise their sales
performance using Zoho’s multichannel CRM platform. Our
Zoho certified consultants work with their business consultants
to implement tools for sales, marketing, inventory and books.

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Diener Law

Our team of 6+ Zoho certified consultants have been working
with Diener Law for building and maintaining their Zoho based
law firm workflow platform. The platform uses Snowflake for
data storage and Zoho analytics for dashboards.

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Be it Brewery, Cosmetic, Food, or Pharmaceutical
products, ExpertLabels can label it for you. As authorised
zoho analytics consultants, we helped ExpertLabel
unleash the full potential of the Zoho Products Suite for
leads capture, engagement and delivery and built an
integrated business solution.

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We Help Build Meaningful And Insightful Data Visualizations And Dashboards In Minutes!

As Zoho Partners, Systango provides its expertise and support to a wide range of companies on almost all Zoho products. 45 Data Sources. 1000+ Reports. 10+ Delighted customers.

Zoho Analytics (previously Zoho Reports) is one of them. Zoho Analytics is a self-service, cloud-based, business intelligence platform, a data-agnostic application that can acquire data from more than 250 sources. Augmented by ML-based artificial intelligence, their 50+ visualizations let you extract powerful insights from your data. And as certified zoho analytics partners, we help you implement it.

Zoho Analytics Allows You To:

Blend Data.

Blend data from various data sources such as multiple databases, apps, platforms.

Do analysis and visualization seamlessly.

Analyze information from all data channels and create insightful dashboards without knowing programming know-how.

Deliver Value.

A powerful BI solution that's affordable and provides value

Be KPI Driven.

Not only create sales reports and production metrics but key KPI information, like production, operational, quality control, and inventory management metrics are available off the shelf by its ML-based artificial intelligence

Information Available From Anywhere.

Especially useful when your employees travel, or if some client or associate needs to access some of the reports, you don't have to create a VPN, like old days in a regulated IT environment. Zoho Analytics is on the cloud.

What Do Our Zoho Data Analytics Consultants And Implementation Engineers Do?

Zoho Analytics

Conduct a Business Process Analytics Consulting Workshop to understand your existing infrastructure, data sources, and your data visualization needs.


As certified zoho analytics partners, we figure out what reporting tools will work best for you in the short and long run.


Configure and blend your data from different sources and build dashboards with simple drag and drop interfaces. Collaboration with various stakeholders such as sales, marketing, HR, and board members.

Zoho Training and Support.

We provide Zoho training both in-person and online for a wide variety of Zoho applications. We also give you a POC in case you come across any issue.

We Are Recognised As The Leading
Digital Engineering Company.

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We Help You Improve Your Productivity With Our
Zoho Expertise.

Along with a Zoho Analytics Partner ourselves, we work with several Zoho partners to help them implement products from Zoho standard suite.

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Developing Solutions For A Range Of Business Domains.

We Serve a Wide Range of Industries.

  • Enterprise Mobility

  • Social Networks Apps

  • Fintech Apps

  • Health & Fitness Apps

  • E-Commerce Mobile Apps

  • Music & Entertainment Apps

  • iGaming and Fantasy Sports Apps

  • Education Apps

This Is Why We Do What We Do.

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