Ethereum Splitter

Ethereum Spiltter is a platform that allows users to pay multiple people at once by sending Ethereum or ERC20 tokens to a single address. The aim was to make payments quick and easy using Smart Contracts.


Automated Payment Splitter

Acheived Reduced Gas Burn by upto 14%

Objective Of Ethereum Splitter.

The platform allows senders to pay multiple people at once by sending Ethereum or ERC20 tokens to a single address and reducing gas burn in comparison to multiple transaction costs. Each contract between sender and receiver is modelled as a smart contract that gets created and deployed on the fly as you sign up on the platform.

Ethereum Splitter

Our Solution.

We helped the client with end to end development of this smart contract-based system. From an analysis of diverse blockchain platforms, and tools to penning down the right features, design, blockchain development and deployment, we assisted clients with everything. Post, development, our QA team performed the pre-launch testing of entire deployed programs.

Ethereum Splitter


Next Cases.


Being Energy Efficient is the need of the hour and Madimack does just that! They provide High Energy Efficient Solutions for Homes, Offices and Other Commercial Spaces by installing heat pumps and AI automated controls. Our SM experts helped optimise their ad campaigns and increase ROI by 1000%.


We modernised a customer engagement platform with scalable infrastructure and secure application

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